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Radiohead live in Auburn Hills – Live Report

No rest for the weary.

Radiohead follow up last night’s memorable show in Chicago with their first show in Michigan in about 15 years. The band are playing The Palace of Auburn Hills located outside Detroit. As usual, the band should be on stage around 8:45pm tonight following Caribou’s opening slot.

Check back here later for live updates as the setlist comes in or follow our @Radioheadlive twitter account. We’ll also be sure to pass along any streaming info we come across. Will Ful Stop be played for a second time? Maybe a tour debut for Talk Show Host or Where I End And You Begin?

And we’re off. No red pants.

01 Bloom
02 There There
03 Kid A
04 Staircase
05 Morning Mr Magpie
06 The Gloaming
07 Separator
08 I Might Be Wrong
09 Pyramid Song
10 Climbing Up The Walls
11 Nude
12 Lotus Flower
13 Paranoid Android
14 Feral
15 Little By Little
16 Idioteque
17 Exit Music (For A Film)
18 Ful Stop
19 Myxomatosis
20 Reckoner
21 Give Up The Ghost
22 Karma Police
23 After The Gold Rush/Everything In Its Right Place

Ful(l?) Stop again tonight…but no Identikit.

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  • Drop Idioteque and the Gloaming for 2 nights and put Where I end, Talk Show Host, Go To Sleep, Blow Out in and get rid of Reckoner for Bangers and Mash! DOUBLE DRUMMMS

    • yeah, Talk Show Host would be excellent, and think Idioteque could be swapped for Morning Bell. How about Pearly, I mean, Double Drums..

    • Yea I wish Bangers and Mash saw more day light.

  • any stream of the show?

  • im tired of the gloaming .. come on radiohead . wherre is fake plastic trees, where is letdown,where is the tourist, where is blow out .

    • this isn’t 1997 anymore.

  • This setlist is looking so sick.

    • You’re not kidding. I see them Wednesday and this is seriously the kind of set I’m hoping for

    • Going to the Camden show? Me too!

  • Has anyone considered they regularly misspell song titles on their setlists? when did it stop being ‘Full Stop’? whats a ‘ful’?

    • We’ve seen it repeated enough on setlist/soundcheck setlists and lyric sheets that FUL is definitely NOT a typo. In fact, it’s never been printed as FULL that we’ve sene. However, it might just be a sort of temporary thing for now and could very well become FULL later on.

  • ok computer night

  • Just walked in ( ok, I live ten minutes from the palace ) , tremendous show. Huge crowd

  • The set was amazing, Climbing Up the Walls was the highlight for me. I was surrounded by assholes, but it was still a great show!

  • So many new great songs! Ful Stop and Skirting On The Surface are my favourites.

  • Here’s a pic I snapped of the setlist.
    Ful Stop spelling confirmed.

  • Here’s my mp3 of Ful Stop if anyone’s interested
    Other formats are in the 2012 Audio thread. Enjoy 😀

  • Whens the last time we saw a setlist with 5 OKC song ??

  • Amazing show, Ful Stop visuals were intense.

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