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Radiohead live in Camden – Live Report

Tonight at the Susquehanna Bank Center in Camden, New Jersey, Radiohead play their final US show for the foreseeable future (the leg ends later this week with two shows in Canada). Radiohead will take the stage around 8:45pm after Caribou’s opening set.

We’ll be updating this post with soundcheck info/live stream info and, of course, the setlist when the show begins. And, as always, you can also follow our @Radioheadlive twitter account for all your live setlist needs.

Two possible live streams tonight: here and here.

And we’re off…with no red pants.

01 Bloom
02 There There
03 Kid A
04 Morning Mr Magpie
05 The Gloaming
06 Separator
07 Lucky
08 Like Spinning Plates
09 Identikit
10 15 Step
11 Nude
12 Lotus Flower
13 Paranoid Android
14 Feral
15 Little By Little
16 Idioteque
17 Give Up The Ghost
18 Staircase
19 I Might Be Wrong
20 Bodysnatchers
21 House Of Cards
22 Reckoner
23 True Love Waits/Everything In Its Right Place

And that’s it for tonight. On to Canada to wrap up the third leg of the tour.

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  • If you need 1 floor ticket for Montreal go to the evenko web site….New tickets on sale now !

  • Next stop: Montreal. woo woo woo

  • this was my 4th show of the tour and i have to say it was by far the best imho. both in terms of the setlist(Lucky, Like Spinning Plates back to back!!), Thom’s happiness, the bands tightness, and maybe most importantly the venue. Susquehanna blows away the big arenas they’ve been playing. I saw RH there in 08 and that show was great as well. The pit is so small and manageable, the crowd for the most part was nice and respectful, and the sound is just perfect. other highlights included a couple of extended jams, one on magpie that was great, I might be wrong was really gorgeous, and True Love Waits intro to EIIRP. no full stop, but you can’t have everything….

  • AMAZING set list!

  • First time seeing Radiohead last night. Great show….although very different from what i imagined. expected the music to evolve fiafter an awesome first 5 or 6 songs and thought it kind of fizzeled out toward the end.

  • This was my 2nd show of the tour. 10th time seeing the band play. I enjoyed this one much more than Newark Friday night. Great mix of songs in the setlist and the band had fun. Ed stayed on stage for a minute or two after Everything In Its Right Place ended to finish off the song and thank the crowd. You could tell he was pleased with how the show went. Highlights for me were Thom’s vocals on Nude, a rocking I Might Be Wrong & Lucky into Like Spinning Plates!

  • This was my 2nd show of the tour and I was well pleased with the setlist as well as the crowd and the venue. Philly crowds always bring the best out of bands that play there and like others said…the band was really into the show more so than the DC show last week. Highlights for me were a vicious “morning magpie”, a gorgeous “lucky”, surprising and beautiful haunting “spinning plates”, “nude” sounded the best i’ve heard it, and “give up the ghost” sounds much much better live than on the record. Reassuring me that this is the best band on the planet.

    • I was surprised how muscular “magpie” sounded live, I fucking loved it… and am I the only one? but FERAL live is a fucking beast its like a jam session

    • The bass at the end of Feral was intense.

  • The “third leg” of the tour?

  • Thom’s voice is a mess live nowadays..

    • I’d say it’s actually better than it’s been in a while. He seems more comfortable singing than he used to. He’s adding additional vibrato and extending notes like he never has before

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