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Flaming Lips play Knives Out in Toronto, dedicated to the Radiohead family

Flaming Lips play Knives Out in Toronto, dedicated to the Radiohead family

The Flaming Lips were scheduled to play in Toronto on the same day as Radiohead in Toronto. The band covered Knives Out in their honour.

Frontman Wayne Coyne send out a lot of tweets before the tragedy at Downsview Park in Toronto, where Radiohead drum technician Scott Johnson lost his life. After the incident Wayne Coyne paid respect to Radiohead and those who got hurt. As you know, the Radiohead show was cancelled, the Flaming Lips show still happened at Dundas Square.

The band played their cover of Knives Out for the Radiohead family. “This unthinkable thing that happened today, we can’t all help but be affected by it. Peace be with their hearts tonight. This has been a pretty powerful day. This goes out to the Radiohead family.”

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  • Lovely. It was amazing to be there.

  • beautiful, very touching

  • I was so glad that they did this. It was at least a little consolation in this difficult day. Thanks for posting this video, mine wasn’t so clear.

  • that was brilliant, thank you Wayne Coyne…i think the thought in the back of all our minds is…’thank GOD Radiohead wasn’t on stage yet.’ not in a COLD way of course but…jesus, could’ve been one of the greatest tragedies in rock history.

  • Beautiful sentiment, but they probably should’ve picked another song. I mean, “If you’d been a dog, they’d have drowned you at birth”? Knives Out is a pretty vicious song to choose for the commemoration of the recently deceased. That said, they did a really good job with the cover.

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  • There has to be a better song to pic than one that talks of squash headings. Nice sentiment as Macks said though

  • Or squashing heads rather

  • can’t believe I walked by just a few minutes before the show having absolutely no idea that they were going to play – would’ve been nice consolation indeed

  • Beautiful words & sentiment. Terrible rendition of the song.

  • […] “This unspeakable thing that happened…it can’t help but affect our mood tonight,” Wayne Coyne said. “All of our thoughts and all of our collective good karma goes to them…and to the families of those who were hurt.” Watch video of the cover below, via Radiohead at Ease.  […]

  • I would imagine the only reason why Knives Out was chosen is because they actually have an official release of that cover on their Fight Test EP, not because they meant to choose a vicious song with crazy lyrics to commemorate Scott Johnson’s death… As a matter of fact, I know I read somewhere that Flaming Lips didn’t think too much of Radiohead, despite their popularity with OK Computer, etc, until they heard the song Knives Out. That’s when they really got into them.

    • Do you have a source on where you heard that?

  • Could atease have picked a worse picture of the Flips? That photo must be almost a decade old.

  • […] Flaming Lips play Knives Out in Toronto, dedicated to the Radiohead family Since the two dueling shows of the night were the free Flaming Lips NXNE show and the Radiohead show at Downsview, Wayne did the classy thing and covered one of their songs, since half their audience was people who had Radiohead tix. […]

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