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Radiohead live in Nimes – Live Report

Tonight Radiohead returns to the stage for the first show of their European tour at Les Arenes in Nimes, France. It’s also the first show since the stage collapse in Toronto and the subsequent canceled shows that followed. Tonight will obviously be a tough one for the band.

Caribou is once again supporting and Radiohead should be on stage shortly (likely around 8:45pm). We’ll do our best to bring you live setlist updates here as well as on our Twitter account.

OK, the show has begun and the lighting rig is quite different. The screens that used to hang and move over top of the band now appear to be fixed behind them and the giant bottle LED screen appears to be gone. However, Jonny’s telecaster is accounted for.

01 Lucky
02 Bloom
03 Morning Mr Magpie
04 15 Step
05 There There
06 Staircase
07 The Gloaming
08 Separator
09 I Might Be Wrong
10 Pyramid Song
11 Nude
12 Identikit
13 Lotus Flower
14 Feral
15 Little By Little
16 Paranoid Android
17 Treefingers (live debut)
18 Give Up The Ghost
19 Videotape
20 Weird Fishes/Arpeggi
21 Ful Stop
22 After The Gold Rush/Everything In It Right Place
23 Idioteque
24 Reckoner

Lucky opens a show for the first time since 1998 (obviously a reaction to Toronto) and Treefingers, a song most assumed would never be played live, gets its live debut. Given the circumstances, that first encore looks like it would have been pretty intense. Videotape was played for just the second time this year.

For the final encore song of Reckoner, Thom thanked the crew and dedicated the song to “our friend Scott.” An emotional end to what was certainly an emotional night for the band. In addition, Scott’s photo was displayed throughout Reckoner.

The band play Nimes again tomorrow night.

And here’s video of Treefingers’ live debut.

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  • so curious!!

  • any news on jonny’s telecaster??????

  • Ahhh opening with lucky. Such class in everything they do, makes me proud. Sad for Scott. Must be so emotional

    Btw I’ll be there tomorrow ;))

  • Jonny’s telecaster is fine !

  • class all the way – still really sad about the whole Toronto experience.

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  • thank god Johnny’s Tele is safe! One of the most iconic in Rock history… wouldnt be the sam without it!

  • been to a couple of radiohead gigs at nimes and the crowd are fantastic they really appreciate the music and such a band coming to there town, through tree fingers you could have heard a pin drop, can’t wait to see them in bilbao on friday

  • Nice touch with the starting track and displaying Scott’s photo during reckoner. Must be such a hard experience for everyone involved to start the tour up again after the tragedy. Wouldn’t be surprised if they play motion picture soundtrack with the ‘bonus’ ending soon. Hope Scott is feeling the love somehow.

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  • Jonny’s tele is what actually binds Radiohead together. Looks like they got lucky this time.

  • Does anyone knows the setlist of Caribou?

  • This tour has been just flat out amazing. Despite the tragedy they come back and, spare the lightshow, get it right. Another test being endured by such a great band. Seeing them in Camden was one of the moments I’ve felt most alive. So glad I could be a part of this tour and seeing others reactions as well.

  • That was brilliant

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