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Radiohead live in Nimes (Night 2) – Live Report

Radiohead once again play Les Arenes in Nimes tonight (have you seen the venue, by the way?) as they continue their abbreviated European tour. After last night’s emotional show the band will hoepfully feel more comfortable tonight.

Once again Caribou will be opening the show with Radiohead on stage around 9:45pm. We’ll be updating this post as the setlist arrives but be sure to also follow our Twitter account for updates as well.

The band have recently finished a lengthy soundcheck. They played: Morning Mr Magpie, Kid A, The National Anthem, Codex, All I Need, Climbing Up The Walls, House Of Cards, Myxomatosis, EIIRP, Street Spirit, HTDC, Airbag, Planet Telex, Supercollider, and Bloom.

01 Bloom
02 Kid A
03 15 Step
04 Morning Mr Magpie
05 The National Anthem
06 The Gloaming
07 Supercollider
08 Codex
09 Airbag
10 Climbing Up The Walls
11 Nude
12 Exit Music (For A Film)
13 Lotus Flower
14 There There
15 Feral
16 Bodysnatchers
17 Treefingers
18 Give Up The Ghost
19 House Of Cards
20 Reckoner
21 Myxomatosis
22 True Love Waits/Everything In Its Right Place
23 Idioteque
24 Street Spirit (Fade Out)

And that’s it for tonight in Nimes. None of the newer songs tonight but a healthy does of OKC mid-set. Looks like that long first encore may be sticking around. Apparently the blend of EIIRP into Idioteque is pretty great.

See you Friday.

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