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20 Years ago today: Radiohead release Creep

20 Years ago today: Radiohead release Creep

Today marks the 20th anniversary of the release of Radiohead’s first single. Radiohead’s label released Creep on September 21st 1992.

The single from the band’s debut album Pablo Honey didn’t do much after its initial release in the UK. The track didn’t chart any higher than 78 in the singles top 100. But in Israel and the US the single was well received, ending up in a re-release in 1993. In the US a radio version was issued, replacing ‘fucking special’ with ‘very special’.

The band were sued because of similarities to The Hollies’ The Air That I Breathe. The band had to credit Albert Hammond and Mike Hazlewood as a co-writers.

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  • It was those guitar crunches from lil’ Greenwood that made/make it so fucking special.

    • ITYM so *very* special.

  • So, Radiohead didn’t initially acknowledge the similarity to The Hollies’ song? Did the band talk about that? Did they unconsciously make much of “Creep” so similar?

    • Well, here’s the thing, I posted in the forum about it ages ago and nobody could find any reputable source that the band were ‘sued’. More that they voluntarily listed them as writers. The only source I’ve found is, but they aren’t very accurate about anything.

  • So you can let us know that Creep came out 20 years ago but not give a heads up on Atoms for Peace releasing the “Default” single? I have to randomly hear it on the radio! You call yourself a Radiohead news website??!?!?

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