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Radiohead live in Bologna – (Not so) Live Report

Radiohead played Bologna, Italy last night. Again, sorry for the live updates. Here’s the setlist.

Arena Parco Nord, Bologna

Lotus Flower
15 Step
Kid A
Morning Mr Magpie
There There
The Gloaming
Pyramid Song
You And Whose Army?
I Might Be Wrong
Planet Telex
Little By Little
Give Up The Ghost
Exit Music (For A Film)
The Daily Mail
Paranoid Android
House Of Cards
True love waits/Everything In Its Right Place


  • Being late’s find. Just glad to have the setlists. Thanks for doing this.

  • The setlists seem very routine. They said that they had learned 60+ songs for the tour, and I definitely haven’t heard variety since before the incident. I wonder if they’re bored of touring. I mean, this tour seems kinda long, and they’ve been touring since touring for half a year really, even with the breaks inbetween.

  • boring setlist…. come on!!!!!! new shit, NOW!

  • I swear they normally change the setlists up a bit but this tour it seems like the same set every time… Compare this to the setlist of Glastonbury 2003 and it is so poor

  • Hmmm…I like this set. Lucky and Planet Telex in the main set, plus 3 Amnesiac tracks in a row. Come on folks, that’s the shiz. Haters gonna hate.

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