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Radiohead live in Berlin (Night #2) – Live Report

Radiohead have just wrapped up their second of two shows in Berlin at Parkbuhne Wuhlheide. Magpie returned to the set after its first night off all year. Ful Stop and Like Spinning Plates also returned to the set.

01 Lotus Flower
02 15 Step
03 Bloom
04 Kid A
05 Myxomatosis
06 The Gloaming
07 Separator
08 Climbing Up the Walls
09 Like Spinning Plates
10 Nude
11 Ful Stop
12 Staircase
13 Reckoner
14 There There
15 Feral
16 Paranoid Android
17 How to Disappear Completely
18 Supercollider
19 Morning Mr Magpie
20 Pyramid Song
21 Bodysnatchers
22. Give Up the Ghost
23. True Love Waits/Everything In Its Right Place
24. Idioteque

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  • noteworthy: Thom did some DJying with Dan Snaith of Caribou the night between the two Berlin shows at Stattbad Wedding

  • Unbelievably great show. Thom was in a very good mood, although complained a lot about the weather.

  • Watching these shows on youtube, I realize that sometimes Thom will signal to somewhere for something to happen, but 90% of the time nothing changes. It’s confusing.

    • Keep in mind he has ear monitors on during the concert, and he can be a perfectionist. If beats or levels aren’t to his standard, he’ll let his bandmates/crew know it.

  • at ease gone boring

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