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Radiohead – Austin City Limits full performance

Way back in March, Radiohead recorded a set for PBS’s Austin City Limits and now you can check out the entire show below. While the television performance didn’t include the entire set played by Radiohead (meaning no Skirting On The Surface for us), it does include Identikit and The Amazing Sounds Of Orgy.

Watch the first twenty minutes below and hit the link below for the full performance.

Watch Radiohead on PBS. See more from Austin City Limits.

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  • Wish Thom would sing a little better. Sounds whiney and thin, no more diaphragm.

  • You can’t be serious Remi? He sounded superb last night. And I actually laughed my arse off when he said ‘Hello, I’m Lady Gaga’

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  • Come on…he sounds like a chipmunk in Idioteque and Paranoid Android was painful. I just cant rationalize this anymore.

  • The mixing kinda sucks, but hey… it’s free so why complain?

  • He does whine a little too whiny at times, but I’m always singing along so I can’t care. The mixing did “suck” on a few songs, but Feral was intensely great, and Orgy sounds amazing live. A good performance overall, but Coachella remains one of the absolute best yet.

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