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Radiohead live in London (Night 1) – Live Report

Radiohead live in London (Night 1) – Live Report

Last night at the O2 Arena in London, Radiohead played their first of two shows in the UK capital. Support once again came from Caribou. By all accounts, it was a great night. Aaron Paul certainly had a great time until he almost got kicked out. Setlist below.

01 Lotus Flower
02 15 Step
03 Bloom
04 Kid A
05 The Daily Mail
06 Myxomatosis
07 Climbing Up The Walls
08 The Gloaming
09 Separator
10 These Are My Twisted Words
11 Like Spinning Plates
12 Nude
13 Identikit
14 Karma Police
15 Feral
16 Idioteque
17 Pyramid Song
18 Staircase
19 Morning Mr Magpie
20 Weird Fishes/Arpeggi
21 Reckoner
22 Give Up The Ghost
23 There There
24 The One I Love/Everything In Its Right Place

Round 2 in London is later on tonight.

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  • awesomeness. sounded so good.

  • Crowd was very timid and stationary. Thom asked if they were cardboard cutouts at one point. Atmosphere just wasn’t there.

    • I thought that. I managed to get a pocket of people having a groove. It was still a great set though. And I get to do it all again tonight!

    • Same, won’t stop me doing it all again tonight! Let’s get the crowd moving a bit more.

    • How condescending. How about you let people be if they’re enjoying it in a way that allows you to hear and see it in all its subtlety. Folks like you ruin concerts because you make it about the fans instead of the performance!

    • It was visibly affecting the energy of the band. I saw them in Montreal earlier this year and it was one of the happiest gigs I’ve been to in my life – the band was clearly feeding off the atmosphere. People can listen how they like but when it brings the band’s mood down then I have a problem. It really does help them when they can actually see some sort of reaction to their music.

    • I saw them in Montreal too and it really WAS they happiest gig ever, with so much love and pure energy coming from the fans. The cheering after every song was so loud and lasted till the start of the next song! I was down the front and you could see Thom was really moved by it all. Concerts aren’t a one way experience. Somehow I don’t think Thom Yorke stood still like a cardboard cut-out when he was at an REM gig ! Speaking to the tour manager, Radiohead were so nervous the first night, that’s when they really needed the crowds help, to know we were there with them, every step of the way.

    • That sounds like the best kind of audience. Listen to the music, people! No shouting or obnoxious behavior during the songs! Go, London!

    • To be fair it was a pretty challenging set for anyone who doesn’t follow the band’s every move – I loved it, but much of it befuddled some of my companions who are not quite as obsessive as I about the band

  • Atmos was pretty good where I was – 3rd row slightly on Johnny’s side of Thom – we were “having a bit of a boogie” down there.

    15 Step
    Twisted Words
    I Might Be Wrong
    Weird Fishes

  • yeah the sound was great. loved how they came on to lotus flower. climbing up the walls was amazing too. great gig.

  • Sound was indeed brilliant although down the front the bass disintegrated during a couple of numbers, most notably Everything In Its Right Place where the piano and bass both became pretty much inaudible – BUT Thom’s singing was the best I’ve ever heard I think, consistently both angelic and powerful for a little over two hours – stunning performance all round

  • Did a review of the evening for a blog I’ve been running for a short while, if you’ve got any feedback there’s a comment section. Thanks!

  • This ‘cardboard cutout’ London crowd were probably all waiting for No Surprises and Creep… They might pull out Street Spirit tonight to keep them happy *sigh*

    • I’m not sure that’s a fair comment. I was there and at the front. I think even one of the older songs that have already been played on tour would’ve got the crowd going. There There earlier in the set would’ve done the same. It was a great gig but the order of songs and the inclusion in the middle of Spinning Plates didn’t help to build the momentum. That said, I’m a die hard and I loved it.

    • Although I note they did do Street Spirit tonight! Ha! Well called.

  • Well I think that the set was brilliant and was very excited about “unusual” songs to be played like Twisted Words, Daily Mail and Spinning Plates. I’m probably wrong but this tour may be the last time we hear them live. If anything, what surprised me was Karma Police. Probably just there as a crowd pleaser? On a different note, does anyone know what are the QPR codes shown above the stage for? Sorry if this has been asked somewhere else before.

    • Yeah I agree – thought that Karma Police was the only song that sounded out of place, I think you’re right, it was a crowd pleaser to bring folk back onside after the as-yet-unreleased Identikit

  • Here are my photos and video from Monday night:

  • It was the best night of my life! And when they started playing ‘These Are My Twisted Words’, I could see a few confused faces :p I love the setlist!!! The only regret I have, is that I only started smoking a few spliff from Idioteque onwards. And met this bloke and shared a few joints with him. Whoever you are man, we surely had the best night of our lives πŸ˜€

  • I was about 10 metres back, directly infront of Ed. Some dude kept doing wet bile farts, and the 7 or 8 Brit dudes next to me dropped pills as Radiohead walked in and screamed and chatted at each other the whole set. Crowds mood was generally bored (spoilt brits) though I was stoked with the additional songs that I never got to see in Berlin, such as Karma, spinning plates, CUTW, Identikit etc! Wuhlheidde was alot better though, Radioheads mood was unbeatable.

  • That comment about thom criticising the crowd is a total lie.. he never said that. i was there and taped the show, and at NO point does he say that. Band seemed to have a great time. There there was the obvious highlight sonically.

  • Atmos was pretty good where I was – 3rd row slightly on Johnny’s side of Thom

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