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Radiohead live in Cologne – Live Report

Radiohead move on to Germany for a show in Cologne. The band play the Lanxess Arena with Caribou opening once again.

Caribou took the stage at 20:00 hrs, Radiohead followed an hour later. Here’s the setlist as we go:

01 Bloom
02 Lucky
03 15 Step
04 Morning Mr Magpie
05 The National Anthem
06 The Gloaming
07 Separator
08 Reckoner
09 Pyramid Song
10 These Are My Twisted Words
11 Nude
12 Identikit
13 Lotus Flower
14 There There
15 Feral
16 Bodysnatchers

Encore #1
17 Arpeggi
18 Ful Stop
19 The Daily Mail
20 Myxomatosis
21 Paranoid Android

Encore #2
22 Everything In Its Right Place
23 How To Disappear Completely
23 Idioteque








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  • Really nice set list this evening. Good to see HTDC show its face instead of GUTG (getting a tad tired of that now).

  • Brilliant concert. Setlist is not 100% accurate. It was 24 songs and HTDC was played before EIIRP.

  • @443ca495ee54aac8494e7f40871a1c35:disqus The missing song is probably “The One I Love” directly before EIIRP (which was preceeded by HTDC as you already wrote).

  • A pity Thom could hardly be heard singing in Lotus Flower; though Twisted words was surprisingly good listening to live (never thought much of the studio version). Myx I had to look up on the setlist, I KNOW the song but couldn’t hear it for the abundant noise and stage resonating. Magpie I recognized, but barely, for the same reason. But they played pyramid, gloaming & national anthem, which made up for that!

  • And indeed, idotheque came right after EIIRP, as a 3rd encore, and before EIIRP was How to disappear completely.

  • And what a truly great show this was! So glad I was (there) there!!

    Sorry guys I could not keep you up to date on the setlist via Twitter the whole show, but the mobile network was really overloaded and I did not want to stare at my phone the whole time 😉 It was the most confident RH I have seen in years, and the songs from TKOL sound wayyy much better live!

  • It was a huge show with decent moments. It makes sense to play “Pyramid Song” in religious Cologne. Yours sincerly.

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