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Alt-J: ‘We’re doing better than Radiohead!’

Speaking to NME, the Mercury nominated act, who are routinely called “the new Radiohead”, said that when Radiohead first started out under the name On A Friday they were “really fucking bad” and they’re confident that their album ‘An Awesome Wave’ is better.

Talking about the comparisons, singer Joe Newman said: “Have you heard their very first thing, when they were called On A Friday? It’s really fucking bad.” To which keyboardist Gus Unger-Hamilton replied: “We’re doing better than Radiohead!”

Speaking about the his theory for why the bands get compared to one another so often, Unger-Hamilton added: “I suppose it’s that we’re vaguely clever and posh.”

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  • They’ll never write anything as good as ‘Fat Girl’.

  • yah no.

  • I just took a quick listen to their singles – come on man, don’t even compare yourself to Radiohead – not sure why anyone in their right mind would.

  • I like radiohead

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