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Radiohead vs. Coldplay

Both Radiohead and Coldplay are touring Australia. So The Brisbane Times asks: Who is the best? Where is your money best spent? And why are British bands like London buses?

Read the full story at the Brisbane Times

We like round 3 though:

Round Three: Who’s cooler
It must be said that Coldplay’s fourth album, Viva La Vida or Death and All His Friends (2008), is up with their best. It must also be said that their decision to design their own stage outfits based on its Spanish Civil War theme made them look ridiculous. Did they learn from this? Apparently not. They’re sporting some dubious threads in line with the DayGlo graffiti artwork of Mylo Xyloto. Frontman Chris Martin is a handsome, smiling, proper pop star and proud of it. Then again, so is Justin Bieber. 4/10

To Radiohead, the idea of a good publicity shot finds them in blurry monochrome looking like they just buried someone in a forest. No one knows, or cares, much about their private lives. You don’t even really see them anywhere except on stage and staring enigmatically from magazine covers. It really is all about the music for Radiohead and, given they get to make whatever sounds they want, safe in the knowledge that most fans will still buy their music and most critics will wet themselves, they couldn’t be cooler. 10/10

For round 1 & 2 and the conclusion, check the Brisbane Times.

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  • Radiohead >> Coldplay

  • “We preferred Radiohead when they wrote songs we could, you know, whistle – even though their Hail to the Thief tour in 2004 proved they could still be mesmerising (and even fun!) live when focusing on their later output”

    They lost the semblance of credibility they had after that statement.

  • Atease itself has more credibility than the brissy times! Also I’d dock one point from Radiohead for that ponytail.

  • Going to a Radiohead concert would be mandatory for me. Going to a Coldplay concert could possibly happen. I’ve enjoyed a few of their songs, and I’ve given them a fair chance. I guess it depends on how much tickets would cost. Also, I’d never go to a coldplay concert alone, but a Radiohead concert… I’ve already gone alone twice. xD

  • I am going to Radiohead this Friday!!! I am not going to Coldplay …….whenever it is they are playing. For musical credibility noone tops Radiohead!!

  • Seriously people, both bands are astonishingly amazing and I don’t think it’s fair to compare them.

  • I like radiohead, buat coldplay not bad

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