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Thom Yorke talks about Atoms For Peace, wants to tour with the band

Thom Yorke talks about Atoms For Peace, wants to tour with the band

Thom Yorke spoke to Rolling Stone about the new Atoms For Peace record AMOK, which is set for release end of january on XL Recordings.

The Radiohead and Atoms For Peace frontman said he wants to play the songs live with partners Godrich, Waronker, Flea and Refosco after the album release: “I hope so. We all want to,” he told Rolling Stone.

Ironically, because of the blend of electronics and live playing, you’ll have to relearn all of the songs with the band.
Thom Yorke: “Yes. [Laughs] It’s fucked up! I’m going, all the time, “Hmm, this is too human. Can we make this a little more mechanistic?” But as much as I try to resist the temptation, I really want to say, “This is the beginning of something.”

And this was after three days in that studio. God help us if we’d had a week.”

Thom and Nigel Godrich also talked about some of the tracks, like the single Default, Reverse Running and Judge Jury and Executioner.

How did you decide between live and programmed sounds in building those songs? Can you give an example?
Thom: “Default” started with a mistake on a sampler in my studio [makes telegraph-like drum-machine noise]. I hadn’t patched it in right. It was giving me a tone that, when I put it with a melody, I was like ‘That’s nice!” I had that when Nigel and I were doing The Eraser.

But then, at one point. Nigel said, “I need some more stuff. What have you got?” I thought, “I’ll try that.” We literally played it with the band. I asked Flea, “Can you scribe that out?” It was horribly complicated, everything in a weird length. And they could all physically play it. But actually, it didn’t sound as tight as the machine. It’s one of those things that if we ever get it right live, it will be fucking mental.

More details on the album and tracklisting are here, read the full interview here.

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