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Radiohead Live in Auckland – Live Report

Radiohead Live in Auckland – Live Report

Radiohead continue their World Tour Down Under. The last leg of The King Of Limbs tour starts in New Zealand.

At the Vector Arena in Auckland, the band played their only New Zealand show. The set had an unusual opener, Lotus Flower. Bloom which usually opens the set, was second on the list. Otherwise no real surprises in the setlist, except for the encore where Everything In Its Right Place and 15 Step were on the setlist (like almost every night), but were not played. Most likely due to some voice trouble. The band went straight to Idioteque. The audience sang Happy Birthday for Jonny Greenwood, who turned 41 the day before. Thom Yorke dedicated Myxomatosis to Mitt Romney.

01 Lotus Flower
02 Bloom
03 Airbag
04 Arpeggi
05 Kid A
06 I Might Be Wrong
07 The Gloaming
08 Separator
09 Reckoner
10 Pyramid Song
11 Nude
12 Identikit
13 There There
14 The National Anthem
15 Feral
16 Bodysnatchers

Encore #1

17 Give Up The Ghost
18 Supercollider
19 Morning Mr Magpie
20 Myxomatosis (Dedicated to Mitt Romney)
21 Paranoid Android

Encore #2

22 15 Step
23 Everything In Its Right Place

24 Idioteque

[Thx Simon, Anthony, Simeon]

Here’s a review from the New Zealand Herald.

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  • Throat trouble for sure. Thom struggled at points in the show, using throat spray and mentioning jet lag and sore throat. He looked quite ragged when he left the stage. hats off to him for battling through.

  • When did they sing happy birthday to Jonny? I didn’t hear it. Can’t have been the whole audience. Thom’s speaking voice sounded really hoarse. His singing was still amazing though.

    • The first few rows sang it after the first song. I heard them from a few rows back, but it wasn’t the whole crowd.

    • ^This. Me along with about a dozen people who were at the front of the GA line organised to sing him Happy Birthday during a lull in the songs 🙂 Jonny ignored us (potentially embarrassed, not too sure) and Thom gave us a little clap.

  • It’s very possible the set was cut short due to the Vector Arenas curfew times. In saying that though, Thom did say they were very jet-lagged (i.e. hungover from Jonny’s party the night before…)

  • Was a few rows back from stage and never heard Happy Birthday either. First time at Vector and sound is not at all world-class. Lots of resonance unfortunately.

  • God, why did I read this?! I loved the show to bits and now I’m finding out that there could have been more songs in the list! Still, it was an amazing night to remember though. Thanks Radiohead!

  • Hugely disappointed. Radiohead have been a massive part of my life. The band and crowd were disconnected. The band was listless and looked bored. The set list was ‘worst ever’ material…Brisbane got the likes of YAWA and CUTW and Staircase and EIIRP. Vector Arena’s acoustics were crap. They cut the second encore short. Ah well.

  • I was in the group singing Happy Birthday, probably not more than 15 but we were right up the front on Jonny’s side. I have to say I had a smile on my face the entire time but I was disappointed not to hear Karma Police or Videotape, They haven’t been here in like 15 years so I wanted to hear a few more oldies. I thought Thom’s interaction with the audience was great. Was surprised not to hear more of the audience singing along

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