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Listen to Atoms For Peace – Judge Jury and Executioner

Listen to Atoms For Peace – Judge Jury and Executioner

Atoms For Peace have made a new track available online. Judge Jury and Executioner is not entirely new as it has been played live before. The uploaded track is from Atoms For Peace’s upcoming album AMOK.

Thom Yorke’s band wille release the single Judge Jury and Executioner with the track S.A.D. as a b-side on vinyl on March 11th. The album is out on February 25th.

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  • Ugh. I can’t believe I’m going to say this, but I just can’t take this crap anymore. It’s not music, it’s not creative, it doesn’t say anything. It is absolute crap.

    • what should music “say” in order to not be crap. what do you identify as music? why is this not “creative?” how do you qualify statements like this? Saying you don’t like the song is one thing, but you are trying to qualify it with nonsense.

    • Have you ever heard of John Cage? He had a very interesting definition of what music is. He said that music is simply sounds that occur in a measured time span. The point of it is that if you start limiting what art can be, you instantly limit creativity. If you put limits on creativity then you stop the evolution of expression. If you want to do that then just keep listening to the old jams, that’s fine.

    • Totally got to agree with you Kurt, creativity is PLAY- is allowing experimentation, to explore, be playful, but most of all find NEW there is no formula, its open self expression of ones experience, no restrictions, and definitely no narrow minded limitations. If you like them to play in a certain way that’s cool, but not gonna happen when exploration is the objective…takes you to new places.. where bands get stuck in old jams, they need to take a break to rediscover themselves again instead of following the crowd (imitation) Hope that helps.

  • Wow, all I say is I don’t like it and the mod takes it off. Burt hurt often mod?

  • Well I liked it. And I have to contradict poor Sad Fan, it is music, creative and saying something. But to know that you’d have to listen to it.

  • I like it.

  • I loved it. This may by the best of Thom Yorke non-Radiohead efforts. A really satisfying and chill verson of a really chilly song

  • A little more experimental than what I am used to, but I don’t mind it at all.

    Thanks for sharing, Adriaan.

  • Gotta say I’m disappointed. I really loved the live performances, and I was most looking forward to a studio version. Thom sounds pretty bored on this track. Turns out it’s contagious

  • darn darn darn good…put those good headphones on……..

  • zzzzzzzzz

  • I put on my robe and wizard hat…errr…those good headphones and amp+dac. This is a beautiful track indeed. I am very much looking forward to this album now.

  • I liked it. Am very hopeful for the album now… 🙂

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