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Willow Smith samples Radiohead on new single

Willow Smith has covered Radiohead on her new single. The singer has used Radiohead’s Codex from the bands latest album The King Of Limbs throughout the track Sugar and Spice.

The 12 year old singer is famous for her hit Whip My Hair and will release a full lenght album later this year. Listen to the track above.

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  • Oh, here we go.

  • Make it stop

  • Famous for being the child of Will Smith and Jada Pinkett.

  • “samples” or “rips off because she has no musical talent and relies on her parents’ fame to make it” ?

  • what a bunch of crap

  • WTF

  • For the love of God please tell me this was an unauthorized sample and a lawsuit is forthcoming…

  • kill it quick before it lays eggs!

  • For the love of God please tell me this was an unauthorized sample and a lawsuit is forthcoming… X2.

  • I like her version better

  • she’s 12…so what.

  • Terrible. Poor girl. She doesn’t sing that bad, but wtf did she do there? She assassinated Codex. I’ll have to agree with: “For the love of God, please tell me it was an unauthorized sample and a lawsuit is forthcoming”… x3.

  • Is it still considered “sampling” when you literally just use the entire track and replace the vocals? This may be an entire new genre of recording. We can take the talentless, over-privileged children of celebrity millionaires and have them just change the lyrics to great songs. Shiloh Jolie-Pitt presents, “Swinging My Coach Purse” sung to the tune of Nirvana’s “Lithium”. KA-CHING!

    • My thoughts exactly! This is not a “sample”. She just took the entire song and laid it behind and said a bunch of sad sentences over top.

  • looks like what you guys were saying was right warner chappell have taken the vid down i was wondering why rh were so lazzire fare about this!

  • Better than I expected it to be. Very nice actually.
    Very sad lyrics and a bit too sad for a 12 year old.. I suppose this was written by a team of writers but if she wrote this herself – wow.

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  • Come on, guys. She’s just a kid experimenting with music, leave her be. Although I don’t particularly like her songs aswell, I think she’s doing no harm.

  • Am I the only one that kind of likes it? She obviously has good taste.

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