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Thom Yorke to guest on Jonathan Ross show

Thom Yorke will return to the Jonathan Ross show. The Atoms For Peace & Radiohead frontman will be a guest on Saturday May 4th on ITV

Thom Yorke and Jonny Greenwood sat down with Jonathan Ross back in 2003, when ‘Wadiohead’ were guests on the show. Watch that one below.

The band returned in 2008:

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  • ingenue was very good

    • It was indeed. Shame Karma Police was so lacklustre. I know the Radiohead boys get some stick for abandoning older material, but I would much rather see them play something when their heart is in it, instead of just rolling out the ‘hits’ to please people.

      I remember seeing them in 2006 and hearing Black Star, they seemed to love playing it; while Just and The Bends really seemed like they were going through the motions.

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  • Oh, they’re funny. That’s interesting show i’ ever seen

  • or so. they not only handsome but also funny anymore. sorry that I can not see them directly in the studio

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