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Jonny Greenwood’s ‘Good Sounds on Old Technology’

A new post on Dead Air Space by Jonny Greenwood, entitled ‘Some Goods Sounds On Old Technology’ We’ll file this under Office Charts. Classical music only, or as Thom Yorke added on Twitter: “Keine Techno… Sundays listening with the birds singing is Jonny Greenwoods office chart.”

Shostakovitch – piano Trio no. 2 – Largo
Schumann  – Liederkreis Op. 39: Zwielicht (Twighlight)
Pousseur РDanseurs Gnidiens cherchant la Perle cl̩mentine for chamber orchestra
Steve Reich – tehellim
Thomas Ades – catch
Crumb – four nocturnes
Bach – goldberg variations arranged for string trio – Aria Da Capo and nos.21, 25, and 30.

Jonny added: “But especially the shostakovitch and the ades……”

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