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The new Radiohead video: Burn The Witch

The new Radiohead video: Burn The Witch

After two instagram teasers today, Radiohead have finally posted the video for Burn The Witch. A third instagram short went live at 16:00 hrs CET with the video posted on YouTube. This is the first single from the forthcoming ninth Radiohead album after days of mysterious teasing. The video is directed by Chris Hopewell.

Stanley Donwood posted some photos of the making of the stop motion video:

A photo posted by @stanleydonwood on

A photo posted by @stanleydonwood on

A photo posted by @stanleydonwood on

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  • no comment… need to process this as I am in the usual state of shock/bliss after hearing a new song from our friends. it definitely feels like the future

  • And we’re back!

    • Got to listen this with full volume speakers close to body.

  • At least this is more informative than one of those reality Television stars, kim who?
    Joey what?

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