Hi there everyone...I'm smiling after finally listening to at least 5 tracks from KID A !!!!!!!!!!!!!....difficult album for a record company and one which I guess will bring about a big revolution in the marketing strategies and requirements from companies towards the bands - Radiohead is introducing a new concept and it seems that rules will not continue to be set by companies anymore - at last ! OPTIMISTIC - over 8 minutes of pure genius - very well crafted song in the more "progressive" vein of ANDROID though much more ethereal feel to it with several breaks and a glorious closing which make of this one of the most amazing pieces of music ever conceived by RH. EVERYONE - THE NATIONAL ANTHEM - a difficult song if chosen as a single yet very innovative within the band's style since it introduces the sound of wind instruments. Very powerful but not exactly easy to retain after a first listen. IDIOTEQUE - great up-tempo song with a similar beat to the great non-album track KNIVES OUT. Also a clear example of the band's will to move onto a much more free stage in their career. Hypnotic and envolving. MORNING BELL - possibly one of the most solemn and beautiful hymn-like pieces to emerge in the new millenium with a heart moving rendition by Thom. All of us who have cried to OK Computer will now have a new spirit cleanser. Pure and touching from beginning to end. MOTION PICTURE SOUNDTRACK - I wish they had been inspired by a longer movie ! - this could well lead RH to become involved in actual movie soundtrack composing. Dramatic and very suggesting closing of an album that should keep the media stuck for a long time...until the next trip RH may want to propose their ever growing legion of fans worldwide - I'm happy and proud to be one of them and am smiling with the hope to see them live here one day soon : ) Christian Landaeta PS: last but not least....hope you don't throw stones to me for saying it here but COLDPLAY's PARACHUTES is other remarkable and well rounded set of great songs by a band that should very soon get an unstoppable following. That singer !.....High Speed... Trouble....Everything is Not Lost...Yellow...Shiver...Spies...oh well...are there any songs I'm not crazy about on this cd ?