22-06-00: Piazza Santa Croce, Florence, Italy

Setlist: optimistic * bones * karma police * morning bell * how to disappear * street spirit * talk show host * everyone (the national anthem) *  my iron lung * in limbo * no surprises *  climbing up the walls * fake plastic trees * exit music * airbag * just * everything in its right place * lucky * egyptian song * the tourist * paranoid android * bulletproof

Notes: The band come out with Margaret from Laika, explaining that this was their last show as support and thanking them for opening for this leg of the tour. Thom: "Margaret's in the dressing room afterwards if anyone wants to come."

Thom's comments during the set: The Tourist [Thom: "We've had a wicked time in Florence. Thanks for being so nice. This is for the people with the cameras, they've got white, pasty skin...they don't know where they're going...the tourists."] Paranoid Android [Thom: "So where's the party? That one there (points to window of flat overlooking the square, where people had gathered in the window to watch the  show)...okay, we'll see you there.) How to Disappear [Thom: "This one's for those of you who were here last night] Talk Show Host [Thom: "This one's to call all your friends on the phone for."]

thanks to astygmaticptolemy@hotmail.com for all the notes