25-06-00: Earth Theatre, Thessaloniki, Greece
(incorrect order) talk show host * lucky * my iron lung * just * fake plastic trees * karma police * airbag * no surprises * bones * optimistic * in limbo * how to disappear completely * everyone * everything in it's right place * egyptian song * morning bell * paranoid android * exit music

Ed (from his diary): we played in thessaloniki last night at the earth theatre..... a beautiful modern amphitheatre which had actually been dug out of the hill that overlooks that city....a brilliant audience who exhibited great patience at hearing a set with nine new songs and a band which ignored repeated requets for creep (....understandable on their part, the requests that is, as this was our first visit) and pop is dead (..... cheeky bastards....)

Review: Radiohead were trully awesome- they all seemed in a really good mood and were constantly smiling at the crowd. Amazingly though the Earth Theatre was only half full which was probably due to the rather enthusiastic fans who prefered standing still and being squeezed to sitting in one of the theatre's stone tiers...

Thom seemed surprisingly cheerful, smiling a lot, laughing at the crowd's weird accent and introducing every song with his own special way. Ed was just as cheerful and likeable, staring at the amazed crowd, dancing and smiling at those in front of him... At the 'rain down' point in Paranoid Android, Ed and Colin climbed on the speakers with their hands on their heads looking at the sky, laughing, waiting for a rain that fortunately didn't come. Radiohead left twice but they returned responding to the crowd's request for more. The last song they played, 'Exit Music', was sung by everyone and was probably the most magical moment of the gig. After that (at about 11:45 pm) Radiohead waved at the crowd and left for the 3rd and last time and this was the end of radiohead's first live appearence in Greece and probably the best 2hrs of my whole life.

Some of the songs they played (not the complete playlist though) were, in no special order: talk show host, paranoid android, lucky, exit music, my iron lung, just, fake plastic trees, karma police, airbag, no surprises, bones and street spirit as well as some of the new songs like optimistic, in limbo and a slightly different but beautiful 'how to disappear completely' with Thom leaving out the 2nd verse of the song. Thom introduced 'Paranoid Android' as a song about "footie and class A drugs",  'Fake Plastic Trees' as "a song for the guuurlz" (!!), 'Just' (or was it 'Bones'? I really cant recall....) as "a song for the boys" and 'In Limbo' as a song about being lost.

As for Clinic, the special guests, they were really good as well, but unfortunately didnt really fit, as the crowd was anxiously waiting for radiohead and what is more, at 8:40, when they started playing, it was still a hot sunny day which made them feel obviously uncomfortable.

These are only a few things of everything that happened yesterday:) Sorry about all the inaccuracies, but the truth is that at the time of the gig i was too excited to remember all the details... But I can tell u just one thing for sure: Radiohead played one of the best gigs i've ever been to and made me consider them as one of the best bands in the world today. But which was their only fault? They played for less than 2 hrs.......... (the gig started at about 9:50pm and ended at 11:45)

Nadia from Aridaia, Greece