26-06-00: Lycabetus Theatre, Athens, Greece

support: clinic

optimistic * bones * karma police * morning bell * street spirit * talk show host * everyone (national anthem) * my iron lung * lucky * egyptian song * no surprises * dollars and cents * fake plastic trees * climbing up the walls * airbag * just * everything in its right place * exit music * knives out * planet telex * paranoid android * how to disappear completely and never be found * 

notes (thanks dimitris): the concert was a sold out and there were about a hundrend people on some rocks above the theatre. Thom dedicated "Morning Bell" to "The ones that are following us around" It Was a GREAT Show. there was no soundcheck due to a 5 hour delay to the stage setup. It was also Colin's birthday. Colin was extremely happy and joyful during the show. The rest of the band wished him happy birthday when they came out for the first encore (so did the crowd that sang "Happy Birthday") After the show Colin went up to the stage with a bottle of champagne and he offered some to the roadies (to the guys that were taking care the instruments, Adam and the other folks) Then he thrown some flowers to the crowd