27-06-00: Lycabetus Theatre, Athens, Greece

support: clinic

optimistic * bones * karma police * nice dream * talk show host * everyone (national anthem) * my iron lung * exit music * no surprises * dollars and cents * fake plastic trees * kid a * airbag * just * everything in its right place * lucky * you and whose army * street spirit * paranoid android * how to disappear completely and never be found * 

notes (thanks dimitris): During the soundcheck they played Banana Co., Bishop's Robes and many times Kid A trying to change the ending (harmonica and drums continuing playing along with the piano I think) According to the set list it was planned to play "Lurgee" after Kid A but for unknown reasons it was erased. After they finished Kid A Thom was too happy as Phil managed to play what they had agreed at the soundcheck. During "Exit Music" a guy was screaming (tooooo loud) and lots of the first line people were annoyed, and Thom kept smiling and at the 2nd verse he stopped singing the song (because he was laughing), smiled at Elegia (from the official Radiohead message board) that was at the centre and then he continued singing. Thom dedicated Airbag "to driving in Athens" and everyone was laughing cause it's horrible driving to Athens... and before Paranoid Android Thom said" In UK cocaine is in fashion but it's a drug that makes people dull and boring and dull dull dull dull