01-07-00: Meltdown Festival - Royal Festival Hall, London, UK
optimistic * bones * karma police * morning bell * street spirit * talk show host * everyone (national anthem) * my iron lung * in limbo * no surprises * you and whose army * dollars and cents * exit music * lucky * airbag * just * everything in its right place * egyptian song * knives out * fake plastic trees * paranoid android * how to disappear completely and never be found * 

notes: Morning Bell was announced by Thom: "This is a song about amnesia." The frontman made way for guitarist Jonny Greenwood, who took centre-stage while Yorke played piano. The audience were mesmerised by the song, with its almost hypnotic repetition of the word "walking" over the three minute or so duration, with guitarist Ed O’Brien lending vocal harmonies. ‘You And Who’s Army’,was introduced with " This is dedicated to Tony Blair. I’m only disappointed I never got to shake his hand," before launching into the barbed lyrics "you and your cronies come out..."