16-09-00: Goffertpark, Nijmegen, Netherlands

sigur ros

optimistic * airbag * national anthem * morning bell * fake plastic trees * you and whose army * planet telex * lucky * in limbo * dollars and cents * climbing up the walls * exit music * paranoid android * how to disappear * idioteque * just * everything in it's right place * ENCORE #1: no surprises * knives out * karma police * egyptian song ENCORE #2: killer cars (acoustic) * my iron lung
notes: Here's a short impression of Radiohead's 2nd gig in Nijmegen (Netherlands). Again, a great set with a few changes compared to the previous night. No cover song this night, but an acoustic 'killer cars'. Thom didn't say much, but he seemed in a good mood and was more talktive than last night. 'Morning Bell' was announced as: 'this is a song about amnesia'. 'Karma Police': "this one's for the girl dressed like a fairy. We're dressing up tonight". Just before 'Egyptian song' Thom got a big balloon with Bert (you know, the one without a last name who lives with Ernie:)). Thom attached the balloon to the piano while playing "egyptian song"