20-09-00: Tent near Stade de France, Saint Denis, France

support: sigur ros

optimistic * morning bell * airbag * national anthem * nice dream * paranoid android * you and whose army * karma police * permanent daylight * no surprises * climbing up the walls * in limbo * talk show host *

notes: thom introducing 'morning bell': merci beacoup. ca va? alright. this is morning bell. before 'nice dream: "ready?" thom announcing permanent daylight: "thank you. this next song is dedicated again to the imf and the world bank. they're currently holding their summit. they currently believe that the world economy is gonna stay as it is and that you don't have to worry. silly bastards. they basically believe that there's gonna be permanent daylight. oooh! link!". thom before 'in limbo': "this is for John Peel"

audio: permanent daylight * no surprises