23-09-00: Victoria Park, Tower Hamlets, London

support: clinic

The National Anthem * Morning Bell * Lucky * My Iron Lung * In Limbo * Optimistic * Paranoid Android * Exit Music * You and Whose Army? * Climbing up the Walls * No Surprises * Dollars and Cents * How to Disappear Completely Airbag * Idioteque * Just * Everything In Its Right Place [encore 1] Street Spirit * I Might Be Wrong * The Bends * Egyptian Song [encore 2] Motion Picture Soundtrack * Karma Police

notes: Motion Picture Soundtrack was dedicated to "all those on the (official site) messageboard who constantly complain about how we've ruined it" and Karma Police was dedicated as "This next one, you probably haven't heard it before, is dedicated to the Prague police, who've been turning back protestors at the Czech border for the past couple days, trying to block them from getting to the meetings on the 26th. This would usually be considered a police state, but I guess when you've got the IMF and the World Bank running things, it doesn't really matter." and Egyptian Song was dedicated as "This next one, I'm not to sure what to call it, maybe 'Black Nile Pyramids'". [thanks Max K.]