theatre romain, vaison la romaine, france

01 National Anthem
02 Morning Bell
03 Lucky
04 My Iron Lung
05 In Limbo
06 Packt Like Sardines in a Crushed Tin Box
07 Bones
08 Bulletproof
09 No Surprises
10 Dollars and Cents
11 I Might be Wrong
12 Airbag
13 Pyramid Song
14 Karma Police
15 You and Whose Army
16 Paranoid Android
17 Idioteque
18 Everything in it's Right Place
--1st Encore--
19 Knives Out
20 Climbing up the Walls
21 Street Spirit
22 How to Disappear
--2nd Encore--
23) Talk Show Host
24) The Bends

coming soon

by Neil
Just watched the show thanks to the wonders of the internet. Excellent show overall, good mixture of old and new stuff. Venue looked really nice - an old roman ampitheatre. Only notable absentee from the setlist was Fake Plastic Tress. Band were in good form, although Thom wasn't very talkative, he did mutter a few French phrases though. The show served as a nice teaser for Oxford! Only 40 days left :-) -Neil

by Jean-Georges Fisher
Vaison la Romaine This little town is an ancient Roman city well known for the differents monuments from the 1st century AD. People are many dispatched between tourists and Radiohead fans. The day is very warm and many radiohead fan refresh themselves into ' L'Ouvèze ' the river which cross the town. It's 6.00 pm and everybody is on the starting block in front of the unique entry for the 'Théatre Antique'. It's a very nice place. 7.50 pm the gates open and the firsts fan run to the entrance of the theatre which is a very beautiful area. It's 8.30 when the first part began , a man called DJ Christophe seems to 'play' some plane landing sample alone with his vinyls on stage. The gig is not much appreciated by the fans and it's 9.00 pm when he leaves the stage. 9.32 pm, This is the great moment, the moment we all waited for, RADIOHEAD !!

Some starting problems on How to disapear song and broken acoustic string of Thom during knives out, Thom forgot two verses of this song only masked by a smile, stops once again to sing during the chorus(by the way i've got a question because he stops singing but the voice was still singing, IS radiohead play on Tape !!!!!??????) The finishing is great with the bends , the band left the stage with tonight a great performance, especially from Thom who was very active and energetic on stage, A new star is born tonight, Let's the cult of Thom begin !!!! Jean-Georges Fisher

by Mark Flannery

I asked the Vendor if he travelled with the band. He shook his head and
said, "Oh yeah." "How was the show on Saturday?" "Amazing." and the tone
was set. Walking into the Theatre built by Ceasar (56 b.c.) was almost
worth the price of the ticket. Literally an ampitheatre, holding around
4000 people with tickets still available at the door. On each side of the
stage were speakers suspended upwards of 15 meters with speakers, wires and
the kitchen sink elsewhere. Two video screens on each side of the stage.
Radiohead enters, stage right. Crowd noise deafening, dusk. I can't help
but think of the guy who told me he couldn't go because he had to study for
a test on WEDNESDAY! I had to work. The sound is excellent from beginning
to end, and it is clear that the band is having fun, especially Thom.
Radiohead's new songs go over well but it is the older songs that are really
powerfull. 'My Iron Lung' is amazing as is 'The Bends'. 'Morning Bell',
'You And Whose Army', 'Everything in Its Right Place' are the standouts for
the newer material. Before 'Everything', Thom improvises and sings: "Here
Comes the Flood." Vaison was the victim of a flood a few years back which
nearly destroyed this beautiful town. 350 dead. Colin and Phil hang out in
back, playing together, Ed on the right Johnny on the left, head down.
There will only be one 28 May 2001, ever.

National Anthem opens and Thom appears to be singing into the microphone but
we can't hear any noise. A minute and forty seconds and I know it's not me.
"Bon Soir, tout le monde," Thom says, and it's into Morning Bell. Thom is
on an electric piano and the sound is excellent. The synchronized clap
starts, and it's Lucky. "Merci tout le monde. C'est très gentil." Iron
Lung, and Johnny has a a funked out sound. The band is really starting to
click. All you can do is smile when I look down and see the crowd out front
towards the end of the song. A giant melée of bouncing bodies.

First song from 'post OK Computer'. "Now on tambourine, we have Mr.
Godrich," says Thom. Packt is next and the distortion is new, like the bass
on "exit music". It's Colin and Phil in back, working together. Ed on the
left, johnny on the right, head down.

"Merci,", and,Thom pudls out |he acou{tic gui|ar for Bulletprgof and qou're glid your `ere. Jolnny is making skme high pitched noise. Xhom's voice ,is
 , perfekt. No S}rprises and Johnny is p`aying tle bells ?name, M forget!.
$ "\hank yoq,....,this is called 'I,Might Ba Wrong'.quot; , &qqot;thancs very auch&quo|; 'Airbag' is noticed raght awa} by the$crowd. Out comes ( $ quiet mnd Thom(plays d}ring thi chorus2 "Phis is hat you/ll get."."$ $ 'You
, and Whoe Army'$Thom sa}s: "C'mon.." and stop and makes a $ gesturm to the0br> ( crowd anl it reacts. Thom plays a little,heavy maatal rinf, and phe , crowd
( kno 'Androad'. a fmw secon`s of Phml and yku know,$'ideoteque'. Thom , bmck
 $ on thi electrmc piano for 'evmrything# Thom i out of breath.,Feedbacc , and
( ,Thom sings, &quct;Here oomes thi flood&}uot; twace. They are goje for  $ three(minutes0br> , and 'kni~es out'" two songs latev and Thom thanks the su|port, introduce
$ ,"This song,is callid 'how |o disappear'" Johnfy signals that  ( he naeds to , byild up xhe feednack and that Thom needs(to fill$ten seccnds spaoe. "uh`,
, $ 10 secgnds, ok uhh, wlat can A say in,10 secobds that/s worth sayin'?
( _ell, I can't thmnk of a fuckin',thing, jothin' mt all. @opefull}, I ( ,can
, ...but even mf I can#t ...(pkints to his heal) there+s nothijg going $ on }p
, here a| all. Ip's empt}." Feedbaco has arrived anl the guatar is cleaz.
$ Talk Show Host, an Ozzy riff, ind 'The Bends' atisfies. "Bon Soiz"