arena, verona, italy

01 national anthem
02 morning bell
03 lucky
04 my iron lung
05 in limbo
06 packt like sardines...
07 bones
08 exit music
09 no surprises
10 dollars & cents
11 climbing up the walls
12 karma police
13 i might be wrong
14 pyramid song
15 paranoid android
16 idioteque
17 ?
18 everything in its right place
--1st encore--
19 fake plastic trees
20 airbag
21 street spirit
22 how to desappear
--2nd encore--
23 talk show host
24 the bends
--3rd encore--
25 killer cars(thom solo on acoustic guitar)

the song you marked with "?" before "everything..." was just Thom alone on piano. was it a cover? an improv? an intro? a new song? don't know. during Airbag Thom's guitar was malfunctioning (not audible). ed had problems with his racks during "everything". jonny started the drum loop at the beginning of idioteque at a wrong pace (really. than he adjusted it). ed&jonny were really excited all night, all jumping and striking poses etc...[thanks Lello] People in the audience were forced, I REPEAT FOOORCED to stay seated just like animals. The security were ready to put you out of the Arena if you didn't sit down---Please I WANT THOM AND THE BAND WOULD KNOW THAT--I HOPE YOU WILL WRITE THAT !! [thanks davide - invitrO]

by Ricardo Arias

Anyone can play guitars, but nobody plays them like Radiohead. I took the train from Roma Termini to Verona. In a cabinet with five other people I could hear the wheels of the train glide through the rails of the track. I began a conversation with a woman whose white stripes on her shirt where only out-numbered by those in her hair. We were discussing the
benefits of hot coffee opposed to cold. Concluding that either extreme was preferable to luke-warm. A pretty girl sat in front of me, which is nothing new in Italy where 1 out of every 4 girls looks like a runway model. As I began to read into my newspaper, she pulled out a book - a collection of comic strips.

Next thing I knew I was in Verona. In front of the arena, I was not alone. The party had begun before I even got there, which was well before 2pm -Radiohead didnt start playing until 9pm. People where lying on the green lawns of the park nearby the arena, some where already in line awaiting to get good seats in the general admission sections. When all of
the sudden thunder. Yorkes melancholic voice rose from the depths of the arena. An airbag saved my life he explained. It was as if Italy had won the world cup (again). The Verona boys sang along the Juliets began to cry. Talk about saving the best for last -for Radiohead the best was now. A rehearsal turned into a national anthem, and ironically thats how the night began.Come 8 o clock the historic arena was at its limit. As I turned my head to catch a glimpse of the multitude, remembrance of old times of gladiators and Emperors came to mind (minus the Versace dresses and Gucci shoes). It was amazing, it was like a feast in which everyone was not only invited but joined in. Without explanation or reason the "wave" was started, a first for me in a music concert. The crowd had had their fun, it was time for the show to begin.

National Anthem began the night. I immediately had new found respect for KID A. You cant really explain it, its just the fact of seeing the guys work so close together so in-sync, the sounds in the album arent just recorded mixes. They are created live on stage, for you. Most importantly the passion. There was a big screen next to the stage which at first
impression seemed like it would project a live image of the stage to those in the top of the arena. It was live alright but it wasent your regular live feed. It was an experimental web cam mix. It was brilliant.

As the morning bell rang its last time. Lucky began, and to tell you the truth after this song Radiohead never let go. It was as if Yorke was singing along to the crowd -not vice versa. Its an amazing thing to be able to be understood without even saying a word. That was exactly what Radiohead did in Verona. It wasent just the music it was the passion, it was their modesty, it was their uniqueness that won the crowd over. A beautiful rendition of The Pyramid Song in the middle of the concert showed who was in control all along. For a minute there I lost myself.

Three encores later and a dedication to fair Verona (a la Talk Show Host) followed by a very special version of killer cars, the night came to a close. Like a hot cup of coffee on a mid-summers day. Radiohead everything but luke-warm, radiohead was about extremes. A paradox between the cheer joy of life (for as Yorke explained we are Gods children) and dramatic moments of depression and violence (the mode swings on Paranoid Android). In the comic strip that is life you have to read between the lines. In Radioheads case many will listen but few will understand. In Verona it was clear that we understood. If you would have turned your head back to the crowd you would have seen a celestial mantle. Made not of stars but of something even brighter, the eyes of those who had heard about radiohead but only now understood what its all about. In the end it was clear that for radiohead Everything is in the right place.

Ricardo Arias

by Felippo Fontanelli
ARENA DI VERONA,2001-05-31

People are shared between the ones all around and the ones with numbered seats, who couldn’t even stand up (sigh) because security guys are ready to disintegrate everyone who tries to do some mess..that doesn’t mean I didn’t stand up, but it was extremely difficult, and I had already been arrested by the security boss (I was giving around little bits of paper with my e-mail address for radiohead material trade, if next time I’ll mail from the jail you know why..L).
8:10-the support guest comes,and begins mixing and distorting sounds with a Dj station all alone on the stage,but the crowd doesn’t seem to be interested in him, considering even that what he plays is something extremely weird a sort of 45-minutes-treefingers-style-song, mixed with huge helycopter noises....something really terrible, and sun was still high in the sky.
8:45-the unlucky Dj goes away, and some people of the staff begin to accord instruments...they’re coming.
9:00-Radiohead come on the stage, Thom wears his usual ‘just like you’ T-shirt, colin has a strange long haircut.

01. the national anthem (without the brass section) -belly-
02. morning bell -grazie-
03. lucky -molte grazie signore e signori-
04. my iron lung -this song’s called in limbo, this features xxxx playing the xxx –
05. in limbo -this is called packt like sardines in a crushd tin box-
06. po pad (different version from the amnesiac one,with a very low tune and a rockish style)
07. bones
08. exit music (thousands of lighter in the!)
09. no surprises -grazie ragazzi-
10. $ and cents
11. climbing up the walls (colin at the keyboard) -1,2,3..-
12. karma police -molte grazie-
13. I might be wrong
14. pyramid song -who’s gonna have a party this evening?...I’m gonna come to your home...and your home..-
15. paranoid android
16. idioteque
17. ..what the hell is it?..(unknown piano and voice solo introduction to...) everything in its right place
18. fake plastic trees -this song is called airbag-
19. airbag
20. street spirit -come on come on come on-
21. how to disappear completely
-this one is for romeo and juliet- (we’re in Verona,afterall..)
22. talk show host -xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx shopping- (sorry, I couldn’t understand much)
23. the bends
ENCORE 3!!!!!
24. killer cars (thom solo, I stood up, didn’t care the security,and sang along in front of thom....)

11: 08- everybody home, thank you guys....

by Filippo Perbellini

Fantastic last night in Verona, my city, after the beautiful Radiohead's gig. I went with my sister at "Due Torri" Hotel (5 stars!!!) at about 500 m from Arena, where we supposed (note, only supposed!) Radiohead be for the night. At 12:30 pm: Phil at the window of his hotel room, in front of us, smoking and drinking a lot of win. I though that the others was sleeping... but i was wrong. Aften the minutes a little bus spopped in the area in front of the hotel, incredible to see: Ed leave the bus and go in the rear of the bus to take his guitar. I was in front of him and said: "nice to meet you" and i gave him my hand. He was very nice with me and my sister and he leaved his autograph in the rear of my ticket and in the bottom of my Radiohead shirt. After five minuts he was in the Hotel. A curiosity: he has in his hands a basketball but, as he said, not to play, but to his beck. That's not all!!! We were leaving the hotel when a new bus was stopping and... Thom was in it!!! Like with Ed I gave him my hand and he do autograph in my cd-promo of "No surprises" and in my tiket, near Ed's firm: I had also a photo with him. I had in my mobile-phone Siemens, as ring, the no surprises's music. When Thom hear it said: "Siemens... be inspired!". A wonderful night, unforgettable for my life. Filippo Perbellini

by kamen

after travelling the whole day i came to Verona to see the best live band ever. first thing to say is that the italian organisation of the show was horrible. they let us in very late. but all in all its ok. enough of the organisation. the show:GENUINE FREAK SHOW: DJ has started mixinig up some strange kind of dark and strong ambiental with only few sounds in. it was nice but very very strange. never heard that kind before. then the show started. THEY went on stage and open with national anathem, morning bell(kid a version) lucky, my iron the list goes on and on. . . .but they plated karma police at the begening of the show.they played more than 23 songs and went on stage 4 times for encores. the last song was Thom singin alone Killer cars on accoustic guitar.they also played the bends, fake plastic trees, street spirit, bones,airbag, paranoid android, exit music, no surprises, climbing up the walls(Thom dont eat strings on the end of the song, he sings "climbing up the wals" to his mic guitar becouse he played accoustic one with overdrive effect on and his voice was distorted like on the LP version),in limbo, idioteque,how to disappear completly, everything in its right place(awful!!!), killer cars, packt like sardinas, i might be wrong,dollars and cents, pyramid song... all in all the concert was great and all u ppl if u like them. GO AHEAD! they are great live!better than the LPs becouse u see their faces, see them sing for you, feel their emotions. and one more thing the Verona Arena was full, better word is crowded we all was singnig with them.the best thing was when 12000 people sung street spirit. the band also had a very very nice conversation and relation with the for them.

by mario ardovino

23.20 PM. The concert ended. One of the best concerts I've ever been at: wonderful location, great performance… A friend of a friend, living in Verona, told me the name of the hotel where radiohead slept last night, so we went to the Due Torri Hotel fast, the best hotel in Verona. I didn't know if they were coming there, but I had this sensation; only me and 3 friends sat on the street waiting for someone. For some minutes (at least one hour, I think) nothing happened; only a "skinny" head , maybe Phil, was at the window of the hotel watching the people down there (the number of guys under that window was growing). But soon something special was happening: a white little bus arrived in the parking lot where we (I think 7-8 guys) were: a tall guy named ED O' BRIEN came out of the bus. He was very friendly. he said: "good evening,…thank you for being at the concert…" and he shook hands, signed autographs and took pictures with us. He also said: "thank you for coming from the south…ROCKIN man!" when he had seen how many miles I made only for them that time and other times. When I asked him to let me have his guitar, that he was bringing with him in the hotel room, he told he preferred not to, having to play and smiled... what a moment guys!!! Only half an hour later, another bus arrived , and I recognised, between the other people, the face of THOM YORKE. He came down and walked to the hotel while a lot of people (I think 13-14) were shouting for autographs; I shook his hand and told him "wonderful night, thank you…" and he talked a little bit and then entered the hotel because of he had a headache. One minute later he came out again and signed autographs to all the people and was having pictures taken. He was signing a promo cd (maybe paranoid android, I think) for a guy there and I told him I have a lot of promos of radiohead. So he asked me if I have the promo of pyramid song and he seemed to be surprised when I told him I have both. Then I took pictures with my digital camera with him and a lot of guys there and then I let Thom see my camera and the pictures I just took ; I said "this is you" and he smiled and saw 5 or 6 of the photos…he was being very ironic and kind with his fans…Then he entered the hotel again. In the hall of the hotel we saw JONNY and COLIN too, but they didn't come out. Only one hour (…maybe…) later we were able to recognise PHIL SELWAY coming out from the hotel. He was very nice too, signing autographs and having pictures taken with us and talking about the wonderful night in the Roman Arena. Then he said he wanted to walk alone, he went away for a while walkin down Verona's streets (I think it was 2.45 AM) and then come back in the hotel. A wonderful experience with these 3 special guys that I won t never forget. Mario Ardovino -

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