Rock am Ring Festival, Nürburgring, Germany

01. national anthem
02. morning bell
03. lucky
04. talk show host
05. in limbo
06. my iron lung
07. packt like sardines in a crushd tin box
08. exit music (for a film)
09. no surprises
10. dollars and cents
11. street spirit (fade out)
12. you and whose army? ("we're gonna play another rock song now, cause we know you like rock")
13. karma police
14. i might be wrong
15. pyramid song
16. paranoid android
17. idioteque
18. everything in it's right place
--1st encore--
19. airbag
20. just
21. the bends
22. how to disappear completely
--2nd encore--
23. climbing up the walls

before you and whose army, thom said: "we're gonna play another rock song now, cause we know you like rock", the bends was "for all the morons in the audience". paranoid android "this is for all those people who think that gucci and armani are still stylish and not sad in a way... (ed said) and prada" "

by stephan

first of all i have to say that the crowd was a mixture of "real" radiohead fans, "fans" who still believe that radiohead are that creep-one-hit-wonder and just limp bizkit fans. the last two groups of so-called "fans" were just bloody bastards. they tried to disturb the concert all the time. the show started 15 minutes later then planned. they played the national anthem first. after that, some guys brought the piano on stage for thom. thom smiled and looked at ed and they both said: "hallo mutti" (= hello mum), then thom puffed into the mic and they started morning bell. thom smiled over and over again during the first three songs . i think that was ironic because he knew about those stupid people in the audience. the end of talk show host was quite surprising because everyone played something different so that they ended up in complete chaos. before my iron lung, thom saw a little white balloon with the lettter 'SONY', which flew over the crowd. so thom said: "i see sony sponcored the moon this evening. i see, i promise no more jokes." after dollars & cents they put way too much smoke on the stage and thom shouted "fuck, we're on fire". then thom made another ironic remark before you and whose army, he said: "we're gonna play another rock song, cause we know you like rock". then he went to his piano and encouraged the crowd to get louder. but all they did was they clapping. so 10thousands of people began to clap which was really strange in a way. and i think most of them expected something like "rocky" song but thom just stayed cool and began you and whose army very calm and slow. so all those wannabe-fans and limp bizkit-bastards were really shocked. at that time i thought "yeah thom, thats cool, thats the right answer to give to them bastards". after karma police thom said again: "hallo mutter" (= hello mother). i don't know what he meant by that but anyway... then it came, everything in its right place. they started completely different with a version of another song i never heard before and just sang the words "here it comes, here it comes" and they passed directly to the regular beginning of that song. at almost the end of this song thom went to the edge of the stage and held the mic to the crowd. then he sang instead of "everything, everything" "danke schön, danke schön" which means thank you very much. i think it was kind of funny as well. thom was the first who left the stage and then followed by the others. ed was last to leave the stage. the whole song lasted 12min. they left the stage and the crowd, to my surprise even the fucking bastards, were shouting "zugabe, zugabe" (= encore, encore). but then those creep-radiohead-wannabe-fans started to shout "creep, creep, creep" and i just thought "oh no, you bloody idiots you just shouldn't be shouting that". and that was the moment where i got just sooooo mad. then the whole band came back on stage. and the those stupid people started again shouting: "creep, creep". thom reacted very calm and just said to them "you're dreaming - you are dreaming" which was cool. thom sad "this is airbag". those individuals who just shouted creep, were shouting a disappointed "ooohhh". thom imitated them by saying the same but in a different way, something like "ooooarhhhh". so they played airbag and after that just. before they started the bends thom said "this is for all the morons in the audience. thank you so much". after that song there was a silence for almost 2min on stage and thom just listens to the crowd. some of them were still shouting creep, others said in german "we wanna see bush". my friends and i were shouting to thom "stay cool thom, theyre just fucking limp bizkit fans". he looked in our direction and kind of smiled but i think he didnt see us exactly. then they began the last song, how to disappear, which i think is a good answer to give those fucking shits. so all in all it wasnt the best concert ive seen. it was more kind of embarrassing for me to see how people wanted to disturb the concert. but ive now got the proof why they havent played at the rock am ring in 7 years because there are too many bad commercial bands and too many assholes in the audience. i think personally that it will be the last time being at rock am ring. i hope the concert at rock im park today will be better.