Red Rocks Amphitheatre, Denver, USA

  1. National Anthem
  2. Morning Bell
  3. Lucky
  4. Karma Police
  5. Exit Music
  6. Packt Like Sardines in a Crushd Tin Box
  7. Airbag
  8. Permanent Daylight
  9. No Surprises
  10. Dollars and Cents
  11. Fake Plastic Trees
  12. I Might Be Wrong
  13. Pyramid Song
  14. Paranoid Android
  15. Idioteque
  16. Everything In Its Right Place
  17. Bones
  18. Street Spirit
  19. You And Whose Army?
  20. How To Disappear
  21. Talk Show Host
  22. My Iron Lung
    thanks to Andrew Walker for the setlist.

Thom introduced "Packt" as "a song about a car crash" and "Airbag" as "a Christmas song about a car crash." And when Thom hit the floor for ""Android," it looked like he tripped over the monitor into a somersalt. After the song was over, he quipped that he was sporting "the classic rock moves." [thanks jake]
thom was infront of the front speakers during the song he attempted to walk back to the mic but when he did this he failed to look behind himself and... plunged to the ground falling harder than a _____ i was at the show do not let anyone tell you different the guy fell on his ass HARD! and when he tried to get up he fell again!!!! it was very funny someone then yelled out "learn how to walk" after the song ended it was quite rude and got no response from anyone [thanks Cvolino]

by Jeremy Zilar

by MTV News

by Connor Wilson

I just got back from the Radiohead concert at Red Rocks Amphitheatre in Denver, Colorado, and I can honestly say that I have never been to a better concert. After finally getting tickets six hours before the show, I ended up with awesome seats-- second row, center. Giant rock formations in all sorts of hues surrounded the amphitheatre, creating a magical atmosphere. Before the show, I saw Phil sitting in the audience, and he was kind enough to give me an autograph. Beta Band was fairly good, and they seemed genuinely happy to be there which only added to the experience. When Radiohead finally came on, the place went wild. The band was in high spirits, and they looked thrilled, especially Thom with his giant smile. Every song was spectacular, especially "Exit Music", "Paranoid Android", "Idiotheque", "Lucky", and "Morning Bell". The band also did a new version of "Pakt Like Sardines" where there were no metallic clangs, and the beat was much faster. During the first verse of "Exit Music", a fan yelled out "You're beautiful Thom!". Yorke then placed a finger to his lips, motioning for silence. The audience starting cracking up, and this led to Thom laughing, and he missed a few words. During "Paranoid Android" Thom was on his back playing the guitar, rolling around like a madman. Another great part was when the drum machine wasn't working right; after solving the problem, Thom came back to the mike, saying "fucking machine". The best part of this show, however, was how much passion the band brought into all the Kid A songs. I love Kid A, but the songs sound very desolate on cd. Not true tonight, because the band turned "In Limbo", "How to Dissapear Completely", and "Idiotheque" into ballad as inspired as anything off of OK Computer. All in all, Radiohead put out an awesome show with wonderful charm, experienced musicianship, and true enthusiasm that Colorado hasn't seen for three long years. I only hope that Yorke and Co. decide to visit the Rocky Mountains on a more regular basis. Connor Wilson

by Ian Hogan

Not so much of a review as much as thoughts and impressions. Everything was fantastic. The band was in great spirits and Thom was clowning around constantly. I had 5th row tickets; the first 20 rows at Red Rocks are usually general admission, but sure enough they ended up being reserved so I was a very happy camper.

Beta Band came on around 7:30 and played through about 6 songs or so. I'd never heard them before but I quite enjoyed them. Long delay after the Beta Band left, with the wind at Red Rocks picking up and storms moving overhead, causing some concern.

The lights went dark, and Radiohead came onstage right around 9:00 and the whole place exploded. Launched directly into National Anthem, which lit the place up had a tremdous amount of energy behind it. Was really quite surreal.

As has already been noted, some male fan shouted "Thom, you're beautiful!" at the top of his lungs during Exit Music, which cracked Thom up, causing him to miss a verse while turning away from the mic laughing.

During Paranoid Android, during the freakout part at the very end of song, Thom stumbled backwards over his guitar amp/monitor and fell down, then briefly tried to play his acoustic while on his back. :) Once the song was over, he stepped up to the mic and jokingly announced something to the effect of "That's why I shouldn't try those stadium rock moves".

Connor is right on about the Kid A and Amnesiac material. Really is so powerful live and without all of the often muddling electronica bits covering it up.

Regarding the whole "Radiohead doesn't want to play rock music anymore" theme that I see so much about in reviews and comments, they seemed very excited about everything. Before launching into some of the more upbeat/rock-ish stuff from the Bends or OK Computer, Thom would mutter "Rock!" sort've kiddingly at the crowd with a sly smile, but you could tell that they were all jazzed to be playing it. I'm sure the mp3s will attest if and when they get posted (anyone?!?!) :)

My friends and I had a great time. Couldn't have asked for anything better. Only regret is that they didn't play all night long and cover just about everything from Pablo Honey to all the B-sides, but that would have been a mammoth show indeed. :)

by Lucin Gilliland

The concert was BRILLIANT! I have a different take on one thing though. It looked to us like Thom tripped over one of the speakers on the stage floor in front and accidently fell while playing Paranoid Android. He tripped, did a nice graceful roll, lingered on his back a bit and came up playing without missing a lick. After the song he made a comment about the fall, something like "that is the trouble with those things".

The band members seemed to be having a great time. They were all smiling. Colin Greenwood was bouncing up and down looking like a kid at Christmas. Maybe he always does that but his enthusiasm was contagious. During one tune, (I apologize but can't remember which) while Thom had his back to the audience while playing his piano, he was turning his head around and giving smiles to us between verses-it looked like he was flirting. Some lucky fan managed to give Thom a hug before she was hauled away by the bouncers.

I have never been to such a great concert. The music was absolutely spectacular. Another element that enhanced the show was the lighting effects. As backdrop there were several columns with intermitent rows of three or four long white lamps. These would flash (along with a full complement of other white backdrop lights) at just the right high and loud climatic notes of the guitars. WOW!

The sound guys did a great job too. Red Rocks is situated on the slope of the foothills to the Rocky Mountains. When the wind kicks up the sound in the upper rows can get blown away. Although it was calm before the show, clouds and wind came rolling over the mountains behind us right as things got underway. The stage crew covered all the equipment ( and there was a lot of equipment!) with giant tarps that the wind would catch, causing them to billow up high above them. We didn't know it then, but about this time several tornados touched down at the Denver airport (maybe twenty miles east of Red Rocks) causing damage to some of their radar. But even with all that wind to play havoc with the sound, the sound was just spectacular. (I guess you can say that these guys are more powerful than a tornado.)

We sat close to the sound and lighting boards (row 16). The light board man had some lovely incense burning throughout the show. You know the sense of smell can recall events to mind more than any other sense? After the show I spoke with the light man, Andi. He was very friendly and humble. The name of the incense is 'Nag Champa'. He was kind enough to sign my tickets for our sons, (aged 11 and 9). He suggested I get the chief sound engineer to sign them as well. He was incredibly nice as well and commented on the trouble with the Red Rocks wind. He actually was apologetic for "blasting" the lower rows. I say it was perfect; if that was blasting then bring it on! I wish I would have seen Phil in the audience guys would have loved his autograph too cause they love what we got - thanks to Andi and Jim!

Ok, I didn't mean to go on so much. One last thing, the show was so good that it compressed time for me. Two hours seemed like 40 minutes. I am going to do my best to see them on this tour again. I hope they had as much fun as it seemed; maybe they will play here again.

Lucin Gilliland

by Adrienne Christy

Last night's show in Denver's Red Rocks Amphitheater was the (first Radiohead and) best show I've ever seen. "Today we escape..." For three years the Colorado crowd awaited the band's reappearance; with fat gray clouds misting down on us from just overhead we were chilly and anxious by the time the first strains of our National Anthem electrified the dusky air. Not for long; I never imagined the power of live Radiohead- Yorke's voice is sensuous, the sound and light swirled around and through our heads like some genius magic. "Fake Plastic" and "Paranoid" were my favorites of the night. To gaze towards the lit-up hazy sky between enormous red rocks for "Come on rain down on me- >From a great height"-- unforgettable! The crowd seemed a bit resistant to the less familiar, they liked to sing along. Even so, the metaphysical energy vibrating from the east (on-stage) was unmistakable. "For a minute there, I lost myself..." The night was 3 million years in the making. ~Adrienne Christy

by Daniel Higley

Last night at Red Rocks in Morrison Colorado, for those of you that were lucky enough to be there, it was truly a beautiful night. From start to finish it seemed the entire band was having lots of fun and seemed to enjoy the loud screams and beautiful Red Rocks. Tom looked to be a little drunk, and he was very silly, responding to the crowd's roars with his playful encouragment. I had seen the band three weeks ago at Rock am Ring, and this was a completly different expirence. Having met Tom at the german festival and seeing them pissed off the entire night, this show was extra special. The set list was pretty similar to other shows, and I was very happy they included "Fake Plastic Trees". All the songs sounded really good, except maybe for "Packt like Sardines..." that one was just missing something...but I think Kid A and Amnesiac sound great live, and hopefully we dont have to wait a few years for new material. Ive seen the band now one three different continents and this was by far the best show by them, probably they best concert i,ve ever witnessed. Lets hope the RAdiohead live at Red Rocks DVD is on its way....!!!

by Jeremy Zilar

Well i do have to say that i loved the show, and the thing that i keep thinking about, is how much fun they had playing the show. I was amazed a how much that effected the experience. it was truely great to watch people doing what they love to do, and pulling it off with great ease. WOW. I enjoyed watching the chemistry between Thom, Johnny, and Ed. The show seemed to have a few technical difficulties, but nothing too noticeable or without a laugh. I cant seem to get "DOLLARS AND CENTS" out of my head. Anyway... Red Rock has to be one of the best places in the world to watch a show or play a show. I heard a rumor that Trey Anastsio from PHISH was at the show. I have friend who had third row tickets, who said something about that. He also took some great pictures of the show. I hope they enjoy the rest of the tour... Jeremy Zilar

by Jeff & Mike

In the glorious world of live RH shows, one has to assume that one thing remains constant - you'll see some of the best music ever written, played imaginatively by the best live band in the world. Let's start with that & report on some variables...

Red Rocks is an amazing venue .....rock formations that would make stonehenge proud, great sight lines, clean sound, and best yet, lax security at the entrance (my friend and I got in without tickets(!) by simply saying we were looking for the will-call office - As it turned out, we had tix, but didn't end up having to get them).

The weather tonite was almost as intense as the band...calm then windy by biblical proportions. Did anyone tell the weather that it's summertime? Amazingly, almost as soon as the band started, the inclement winds stopped. Either RH quelled them, or their music took our minds to a higher plane...

We got a fantastic place up front & at one point considered asking Jonny, who was in a T-shirt only, if he wanted to borrrow our jacket. As usual, though, the band blew through any external stimuli & took us deep inside, safe from the angry wind, right from the start of National Anthem.

The band was in incredible spirits, seeming both happy to be at such a cool venue & putting something a little extra on for the U.S. - it's been too long... they're back to save the universe!

Thom was going CRAZY on several songs, jumping out in front of the crowd on numerous occassions, roaming from side to side, and getting so into the moment on Paranoid Android that he tripped on his monitor. He crashed onto his side right in the middle of one of the guitar frenzies, but didn't miss a beat. Ed, who seemed in a great mood all night, looked amused watching Thom jamming from the floor. After the song, Thom said, "That's why we'll never do stadium shows!"

The summer setlist is great for fans. The new songs really become human & whole, shedding most of the computer distance found on the record, & seeing the band de-construct & put them back together is amazing. How many rock bands start their show with one of the lead guitarists on a sampler that looks like a ham radio? I don't need to explain the spinal cracking brilliance of the old songs to anyone who's seen them before, but the slate of OKC (Exit Music, Par And, Lucky, No Surprises) and Bends-era (St Spirit, Bones, Talk Show Host, FPTrees) STILL kill & retain ALL of their original power. I think My Iron Lung was the best I've ever seen last night.

Notably absent from tonight's show was Knives Out, with a rocking Permanent Daylight pulled into it's spot. What a windfall! I'm going to say it - I hope you're sitting down - I think Knives Out is boring, and given a band with so many twist & turns & endless brilliance, a bit of a toss off. But fuck it, it's RH & if they do play it, I'm not going for a coffee break.

The only tough part about the recent shows is balancing between the urge to close your eyes & get within the songs & yourself, & the possibility of missing Jonny tinkering with his radio or playing the weirdest, coolest shit ever, Thom vaulting soul-first, eyes-closed, into the beautiful & hardcore melodies, Phil propelling all sorts of unexpected & unforgettable fills (Dollars & Cents!) into already crazed songs, Ed playing all order of majestic & eerie parts (Dollars & Cents again!) & Colin holding it all down with his electric, stand-up & funked up keyboard bass & melody support.

So many options, so little time - life's never easy. Of course, assuming you've actually put in the effort to be there, any road you pick in this case is the right one...

See you at the next one!

-- Jeff & Mike