Shoreline Amphitheater , Mountain View, USA

1) National Anthem
2) Morning Bell (Kid A)
3) Lucky
4) Airbag
5) In Limbo
6) Packt Like Sardines...
7) You and Whose Army?
8) No Surprises
9) Dollars and Cents
10) Knives Out
11) Permanent Daylight
12) Karma Police
13) Pyramid Song
14) Paranoid Android
15) Idioteque
16) Everything in its Right Place
1st Encore
17) I Might Be Wrong
18) Fake Plastic Trees
19) The Thief
20) How To Disappear Completely
2nd Encore
21) Talk Show Host
22) The Bends
3rd Encore
23) Motion Picture Soundtrack

Thanks to Colin for the setlist.

The band played Can's 'The Thief'

by Adam Balast

Radiohead was in full spirits along with some great windy weather. Opening the evening with " national anthem " - Good opening energy, Jonny was a little quite with the radio effects. Over all High energy. Morning bell - Thom seemed to enjoy it, the rest of the band seemed to be transfixed. Air bag - quite powerful, but Jonny played more keyboard then he did his guitar. Lucky- standard playing, yet Jonny gave it some emotion. . In limbo was amazing, space and doors were colliding into a rolling groove, very cool. Pact Like Sardines- Traffic induced and very heady. You and whose army- Very sincere and moving. Kind of like watching gladiators duel to the death. No Surprises- what can I say but urban sprawl. Dollars and cents - >From the very start this song was intimidating. Very purple yet familiar. Knifes out - Ed, Jonny, and thom really locked into a jam ( standing like a triumvirate ) , this song is heavy, kind of weirded people out. - great!!!! Permanent daylight - they really matured this song, it really helped keep the unique vibe this show offered. Karma police - Steady and warm, like an old friend. Pyramid song - It was dedicated to the people on the lawn ( maybe that's were the black eyed angels flew). Paranoid android - brought back the feeling of Ok computer that we all know so well. Idioteque - New sounds were shared with the audience and movment from the crowd could not be controlled. -- Awesome I would comment on the encores, but a security Guard ( minimum wage employee ) Began harrasing us for our MD recorder. - stress Though talk show host was neo- beatnick super super cool. Thak you Radiohead, for everything. ----Adam.01

by Ken Ko

In short Radiohead's performance was nothing short of brilliant. The stage lighting was done perfectly and was very colorful at times. Example is Dollars And Cents, when the stage at one point was drowned in blue flashing lights, where the band members were not terribly visible, but overall the visuals were spectacular and were matched with an awesome sounding instrumental jam.

Some of the highlights include Thom doing some funny motions with his hands to generate crowd noise in between verses during "You and Whose Army". Towards the end of "Everything In Its Right Place" Thom leaped from the stage and went into the crowed around the first two rows of Section 103, and he was mobbed by fans to meet/shake his hand/receiving hugs from girls! Huge round of applause goes to the security guard that night who was able to bring Thom back to the stage unharmed.

When Colin started the bassline of No Surpises, he had the bass distortion on, so his guitar sounded like the bass intro tone of National Anthem! It was quite funny, but Thom just said "well that sounded nice. Let's start that one again". Colin went back to the section near the drums and obviously depressed the distortion pedal/settings. For some reason the xylophone or glockenspiel mix was much louder than the other instruments and it was very interesting.

The crowd was very energetic and extra points go to Radiohead for energizing the band even further during the "rock" guitar crunches during Paranoid Android, and got the crowd crazy during a dazzling performance of Idioteque (which sounds better and better each time I hear it live from many bootlegs).

I have to admit the crowd was very boring with regards to music response/clapping. European audiences have always clapped collectively with catchy and favorite songs. I tried to jump start the crowd by clapping along with the intro beat of "Everything In Its Right Place" but most people didn't feel like doing it.

Typical Californian show crowd.....there were a few inflatable beach balls bouncing around in the crowd, but as they reached towards the stage, they were promptly taken away by security. I was surprised not to hear Street Spirit, but was glad to hear Fake Plastic Trees that was rendered beautifully, with Johnny's guitar part sounding more like the keyboards on the album version. Johnny got the crowd really wild when he was doing that muted syncopated strum on the guitar part towards the end of Morning Bell (and I could see it more closely as I was 11 rows from the front and he was facing our section).

On album I have to admit that Kid A is not terribly invigorating, but Radiohead capture the essence of the music live and interpret the songs to the point where it blows one's mind and leaves one awestruck. There was much band synergy on stage, as I've heard the definitive version of Permanent Daylight to date, and The Thief was done very well (since I've heard the Nijmegen FM broadcast from last year I knew the song fairly well).

I've only seen Radiohead twice in my whole life (first show was October 20, 2000 in Los Angeles) but I thought this performance was better than last year's. I guess they've had a chance to define their sound for the Kid A and Amnesiac material, and it sounds tighter than ever. It's a pity that the band won't revisit Pablo Honey material, but considering the band's song list to date it would be impossible to cover all the key tracks.
I hope some fans will bring huge signs to the venues and request True Love Waits. That is a song that needs to be played more often!

by Jason McAllister




These were among the adjectives being tossed around to describe the Radiohead show as we sat in my car, waiting for an hour to exit the Shoreline parking lot.

It was my first Radiohead concert, and I was truly blown away. The band absolutely nailed almost every song. The "Kid A" stuff was incredible -- I was curious how those songs would translate in the live performance, and was amazed at how complex and compelling they turned out.

The performances were just masterful. This is truly a band on top of its game. It's so exciting to witness a group of musicians who are in total control. Many of the great shows I've seen (Rage Against The Machine, Tool, Smashing Pumpkins come to mind) left me with that same sensation -- "this band has mastered its art, and is using its powers to ROCK MY WORLD!"

I'll leave it to others to describe the songs and the set in detail. (BTW, thanks to everyone who posted reviews of the Red Rocks, Gorge and Vancouver shows! I enjoyed reading them and they really pumped me up for this show!) I'll just mention that the last four or five songs of the main set were the pinnacle for me. They had a great continuity, like we were being taken on a journey.

What talent, what passion, what technical brilliance, what emotion! And did I mention that the sound was perfect? Kudos to the band and crew for such crystal-clear acoustics. They lost control of the feedback a couple of times, but that only served to remind me that this perfection is not coming from a record, it's coming from those 5 dudes wailing away down on the stage.

I was especially impressed with Jonny. I focused my binoculars on him several times, and man that guy is a hell of a musician. His guitar work ranged from tender to monstrous (sometimes in the same song, e.g., "Paranoid Android"), and his keyboard and electronic layers were lush and beautiful. He played multiple instruments on almost every song, bouncing back and forth and never missing a step. (The other band members were also fantastic, amazing, etc. Jonny just stood out for me, maybe because I was unaware how much of the overall sound he is responsible for.)

My wife is a lighting designer, and she made some interesting observations on the lighting. She saw lots of symbolism in the light show, as each song had its own display that was tailored for that song. The lighting, to her, represented different aspects of modern society. For example, one song featured horizontal lights that were like flowing power or communications (like electric and fiber optic lines). Another had vertical lines, like a jail cell. Another had stark yellow lighting, like in a big parking lot. Later in the show, the lights started wide at the top and funneled down to a point at the bottom, like a spaceship landing. And later, the lights were forming stars and constellations. It was like Radiohead came to expose our world and then remove us from it?!? Maybe this is all crazy talk, but it fun to discuss during the slow crawl through the parking lot.

The sky is the limit for Radiohead. Their execution last night was flawless. Their only boundaries are their imaginations. Is there any reason to think that there won't be 5 more great albums? 10? I've always been more of a casual fan, but after last night I am ready to step up and join the cult.


by Andrew Pettit

The day finally came, and it was everything that I had expected. The moment I
arrived at the venue I had to check out my Fourth Row seats and check out the
Beta Band. They were pretty good. I personally am a fan, but nobody cared to
watch it seemed like which is a shame. Of course "Dry the Rain" was my
highlight. Those guys were a great warm-up act for what had yet to come. Once
the Beta Band was through, out came the lights, high-tech equipment, and
rabid fans. Radiohead took the stage by storm with National Anthem, and had
the audience in the palm of their hands for the rest of the evening. I have
never seen such a spectacle. Thom went off during every song. He gave
everything that he had in every song, and pushed himself to the limit. Jonny
amazed us all with his incredible sound and intensity. And of course Ed,
Colin, and Phil's persistence just put the evening in orbit. Overall, it was
the most overwhelming performance I had ever seen. Words can't explain most
of what I saw, and the people that were their that night know what I am

by Shane

The scene was suitably surreal as Radiohead took the stage at the Shoreline - the cloudy, sunset sky was filled with airplanes taking off and landing at the nearby airport. As venues go, the Shoreline suffers from inadequate volume for those in Lawn Seats. Also, the technical geniuses running the show failed to turn on the right projection screen until about ten minutes into the set. However, these technical deficiencies could not detract from the overall experience of Radiohead's spectacular performance. With two new albums to draw from, the setlist was largely comprised of cuts from Kid A and Amnesiac. The band also dished out many crowd-pleasing torch songs from Ok Computer and a scant two songs from The Bends. The evening was entirely Pablo Honey-free, which is fine with me, really. Luckily, we did get two spectacular B-sides: an amazing rendition of Permanent Daylight and a dark, twisted version of Talk Show Host. Thom even bopped his way through a cover of Can's 'The Thief' during the first encore. Overall, the highlights of the show for me were: Lucky, Packt Like Sardines, Permanent Daylight, Pyramid Song, Idioteque, Everything in its Right Place, How to Disappear Completely, The Bends and Motion Picture Soundtrack. Many of these tracks have been seriously reworked for live performance (especially's totally unrecognizable and unbelievably cool). Surprisingly, the slower, moodier tracks like Pyramid Song, How to Disappear and Motion Picture Soundtrack came off even better than the more rocking tracks, as the lush instrumentation and Thom's intense vocal splendor enraptured the massive crowd. The setlist was ideal, as the only song that I would've loved to hear that wasn't played was Let Down. Another complaint is that the T-shirts at the show were the same ones that can be had on W.A.S.T.E.

by Ashlee Best

Only one word to describe this show...MIND-BLOWING! This is the best concert I've ever seen from beginning to the three encore ending. The opening band, Beta Band, sounded great and didn't seem to mind the empty seats in the pavilion. I ran into the bassist, Richard, after the show and he told me they had "fruit shaped cushions" for the crowd; however, they didn't want them landing in an empty seat, so they kept them. He also said their shows usually have video screens and a light show. Their second cd will be released on July 16th and they will be in the Bay Area again sometime this Sept. or Oct. at the Fillmore. As far as, Radiohead, I can't stress enough the warmth, energy, and sincerity they exuded from every pore. The venue was PACKED, everyone stood for the entire show. I feel Radiohead succeeded in playing everyone's song. What I mean is, usually you go to a concert and have a certain song that you really want to hear, well some how I feel Radiohead pulled it off. Personally, I feel very blessed - I heard two of those "must hear" songs. The crowd even sang along with Fake Plastic Trees. When it was over, I felt refreshed. Everyone was talking about how great is was and I didn't see anyone without a smile. How can I get a recording of this show?? Sincerely, Ashlee Best

by Dave Davis

We arrived at about 7:45, the parking was pretty quick and I could already see the hordes of people assembled on the "lawn seats." Since I didn't get my tickets on the 1st day, we got stuck in the lawn seats as well. The venue was pretty big, and when the general admission lawn begins to fill in, the crowd size is pretty decent. Everyone had blankets and sleeping bags, as well as backpacks full of food. The security was really lax, they patted us down in a poor imitation of American cops - but I didn't see them searching any bags or backpacks. We brought only a pair of binoculars and our coats. Finally getting in and finding a suitable seat on the lawn, we sat down to wait for the opening act. There was some nice atmosphere music playing, and I assumed it was the DJ that had been spinning before the shows. Then, at around 8:45 or 9:00, the crowd began to cheer for who I thought must be the Beta Band. Well, I must have missed the Beta Band altogether, because I was still sitting down when I heard the bassline of National Anthem kick in! I jumped to my feet and sure enough, they were already on stage and having at it. Even though I was a long way from the stage, the venue had two large screens erected on either side of the place. The video on the screens was from onstage cams mounted in various places - you know what I'm talking about if you watched the recent TV broadcast show. The screens helped me a lot since the guys looked like little ants from where I was sitting. I don't know if it was due to where I was sitting, but the sound mix seemed rather bad. At times Thom's vocals would become too loud and harsh, overcoming the rest of the mix. And the sound seemed to "warble" at forth at times. Other times, certain instruments seemed to be mixed too low. The overall volume of the set was very low compared to what I am used to for a live show, but this could also be because of where I was sitting. The show was amazing, and as always the band sounded great together. My wife was once again surprised at what a great live show they put on. Thom's vocals were clean and strong, and he seemed to be in quite a good mood. Pretty talkative and even cracking a crooked smile every once and a while. Some comments that I managed to scribble down: In Limbo introduced as "a song about someone trying to get you back from somewhere you're stuck, and you're very very stuck." Packt dedicated to "everybody stuck in traffic, every day of the week." You and Whose Army was "for the Holy Roman Empire." After each verse in this song Thom would get up from the piano and tease the crowd, lifting his arms and making them cheer before he ran back to make the next verse. No Surprises was dedicated to "Michael Moore who runs the WTO, because his life is gonna get increasingly difficult." Thom stopped the song right away after hearing a bad note, and asked if they could start again. Knives was introduced as "some light relief." After Permanent Daylight, Thom said "Yeah, we've almost lost it!" The Bends was introduced as a song about "being in a rock band." I was a memorable show! -- dave davis

by Katie Delwiche

WOW!!!! WHAT A SHOW!!!!!!!! I want to see it all over
again! That was the best night of my life!

The show was so awesome. I arrived at about 6:30, an
hour before it started, because I had reserved seats.
Everyone was getting really excited and by the time
the Beta Band came on, people were shouting,
"RADIOHEAD!!!! PLEASE!!!!" Poor guys. But they were
great and were well appreciated. Kind of
electronica/rock/funk stuff... hard to explain. And
in one song, "She's the One," they had these cool
chipmunk-vocals. They played a short set, then left
the stage (to much applause). I took the time between
their show and Radiohead's show to buy some shirts...
About half an hour later, RADIOHEAD took the
stage!!!!!! The whole audience stood up and started
screaming!!! We didn't sit down throughout the entire
concert. THe guy next to me went, "HOLY SHIT!" WHich
I thought described it all quite well. They started
with National Anthem, which was AMAZING. Really loud,
really powerful... everyone was getting stoked. It's
the best song to start a show with... The bass line
just filled the whole amphitheatre. I can't even
describe it. Thom was in a great mood. He went
absolutely nuts during Idioteque, dancing around the
stage!!!! LOVED IT!!!! THe audience couldn't be held
back during that song... definately one of the
highlights and INCREDIBLE live! I had pretty good
seats... the second row of the second section, right
in the middle. Just close enough to be able to see
facial expressions and to see how they played chords.
Colin seemed really happy... especially in National
Anthem. He was allover the place. Ed also seemed
happy... he was great. During Paranoid Android he was
really getting into it. :) Phil was back there with
the drums doing a great job as always. And Jonny was
phenomenal... when he wasn't hunched over the box for
sounds and effects, he was playing guitar like mad or
playing the keyboard. I am convinced that he's the
best guitarist out there. WOWWW.

The SHoreline was a great venue. The lights were
great, and it was just beginning to get dark when they
took the stage.

1. National Anthem: full of energy, the crowd loved
it, no brass section of course but it still sounded

2. Morning Bell (Kid A): wow. THom sat at the
keyboard and he seemed to really enjoy singing this
one. I was in complete awe. Beautiful. Just
beautiful. The ending was terrific (walking, walking
walking walking, walking etc..) At this point it was
starting to sink in that I was seeing Radiohead!!! it
was almost like a dream... but I knew I was awake.

3. Lucky: extremely powerful. The lights were
great... when it said "pull me out of the aircrash;
pull me out of the lake" the lights flashed orange and
everyone went nuts. It was beautiful.

4. Airbag: When Thom said they were playing Airbag we
all went nuts! I'd always liked this song on the CD,
but it was never one of my favorites. But let me just
say that it's phenomenal live. When he sung "...I am
back to save the Universe." I was in awe. THe whole
song was awesome.

5. In Limbo: (THom said this was "about being stuck
and someone's trying to get you unstuck but you're
really stuck.") It started kind of differently than
the Kid A version and I think some of the audience was
confused... but sounded great. I was really getting
into the Kid A songs.. they have a completely
different feel to them when they're played live, but I
was amazed by how amazing they sounded... really
interesting and complex and completely beautiful....

6. Packt like sardines: (Dedicated to all the people
who are stuck in traffic every day.) I'm a reasonable
man get off my case get off my case.... very different
live. But wonderful.

7. You and WHose Army: THis was a highlight of the
show. The audience absolutely loved it! Thom sat at
his piano with his back to us diagonally, and we kept
screaming, so between verses he would turn to the
audience and gesture with his arms to the crowd for
more screaming!!!!!! (You and whose army (screaming)
You and your cronies (screaming) etc.) Thom was
loving it and he was getting so into the crowd...
smiling and having a great time. THis was SO great!

8. No surprises: Very emotional and beautiful. This
song sent chills up my spine. It was a little
different in the balance of the instruments, which
made it even more interesting. More Kid A. I didn't
know how the kid A stuff would turn out live, but I
was surprised at how great it sounded. THe songs take
on a life of their own.

9. Dollars and Cents: WOW!!!!!!! THIS SONG is one of
the best live... the live version really does it
justice. One of my favorites on Amnesiac... the
audience was kind of surprised at how different it was
from lots of the other stuff. The vocals were
amazing. Beautiful. "Even when he turn the water
blues..." THom raised his arms in a V. Just
incredible. If I had died right then and there I
would have been happy.

10. Knives Out: (Thom introduced it by saying, "This
is a song about eating people.") Jonny's guitar was
amazing. Another high point of the show.

11. Permanent Daylight: WOW. I guess most of the
audience didn't know the song because they weren't
very enthusiastic... the audience was actually pretty
dull, in my opinion. Not many other people were
singing along or clapping... but by the end of the
show they were getting better. But this song blew me
away. Jonny and THom were playing their guitars
locked in a 2-guitar thing... completely rocking
out... From start to finish the song was overflowing
with energy.

12. Karma Police: The audience loved it... FINALLY
some other people were singing along... Karma Police
is so powerful. By the time it got to the part "FOr A
minute there I lost myself I lost myself," We were all
screaming. To hear this beautiful music and see what
an amazing effect it had on everyone brought tears to
my eyes.

13. Pyramid SOng: As soon as they brought the piano
out again, I was shouting PYRAMID SONG!!!! And I knew
that's what they were going to play... Dedicated to
the people on the hill... THom said that the people
right up front were a little too close for comfort.
"There's a video camera right here." And there
were... cameras everywhere... right in the bands
faces.. Pyramid song was beautiful. The lights were
blue... amazing.. like you were in the river itself.
and the piano chords were eerie and haunting.
Extremely touching... I remember thinking to myself,
"this is really happening." I was really seeing my
favorite band live. It was the most incredible, mind
blowing performance I have ever seen. Or heard. I
never wanted it to end.

14. Paranoid Android: The audience LOVED this too!!!!!
Another huge group singalong. Jonny was SO INCREDIBLE
on guitar! The "off with his head" part was great...
the audience couldn't stop moving and I was screaming
the words.... And the raindown part was beautiful. Ed
and THom's vocals were spine chilling. Lighters in
the air, arms reaching toward the sky... audience
swaying... I closed my eyes for a minute and just
basked in the beauty of it. Paranoid android is
incredible with the way it can take you through so
many emotions in one song.

15. Idioteque: I couldn't believe the setlist... Karma
police, pyramid song, paranoid android, and NOW
IDIOTEQUE!!!!!!!!! I'd say that this was probably my
favorite song of the entire show. Definately. THIS
BLEW ME AWAY. The whole band was going wild! Thom did
his dance around the stage... he was so happy! I LOVED
it! This song drove the audience to it's peak of
mental instability. We were going insane. "I LAUGH
HOURS BY TRAIN/BUS again any time... just to hear
INCREDIBLE!!!!! I felt like I'd explode.

16. Everything in it's Right Place: Once again I was
amazed at how different it sounded live. COmplete

(the band modestly left the stage)
1st encore

17. I Might Be Wrong: THis song was hauntingly
beautiful. THe best part was Jonny's solo chords at
the end of the song. I can't begin to describle it.
When you see this song live you'll see what I mean.

18. Fake Plastic Trees: THIS WAS SOOOOOO great! The
audience was ecstatic! It amazes me how powerful a
song so simple can be. Thom came out with his
acoustic guitar and started playing it and we went
nuts. When he got the to parts where he said "It
wears me out..." the audience would go dead quiet and
just stand there, awestruck, listening to it. ANother
huge highlight of the show... I've always loved this
song. I was SOO happy to hear it live! It sounded
amazing! Gorgeous!

19. The Thief: WOw. I didn't know the song, but it
was great. They had this intense energy once again
and the cover was amazing. For this one, Thom didn't
have his guitar and was just singing...

20. How to Dissapear Completely: THe audience was in a
daze... everyone was just standing there entranced,
rocking back and forth... people were closing their
eyes... just appreciating the complete beauty and
genius of what they were hearing. Incredible.

2nd Encore

21. Talk Show Host: THIS WAS INSANE!!!! i LOVED IT!
Thom was jumping around with his guitar...
everything... the vocals, guitars, was incredible.
This is one of my favorite songs of all time... to see
it live was awesome. More than awesome.

22. The Bends: (THom introduced it as a song about
"being in a band.") I am at a loss for words. Jonny
was wailing on his guitar... he's incredible... just
completely going at it... THis song has so much
energy. It grows to a beautiful ending... "I wanna
live, breathe, I wanna be part of the human race!!"
At that point the audience was screaming along at the
top of their lungs. Or maybe it was just me?

3rd Encore
23. Motion Picture Soundtrack: easily the most
beautiful thing I've ever heard. Radiohead is truly
genius. I wouldn't trade that night for anything in
the world. At this point we were so awestruck and
full of emotions that we were completely silent. I
can't explain the feeling. It's like being everywhere
at once. And wanting to cry and laugh all at once.

The band was in great spirits, and it really spread to
the audience! At one point Thom actually went down
into the crowd to the first and second rows!!!! He was
hugging girls and shaking hands... I was amazed that
he returned to the stage safely... but thank god that
he did! Damn... I wish I'd been up in the second and
first rows! He was really getting into it and playing
with the crowd during You and Whose Army... I loved
that. And it would have been worth it just to see him
dancing around during Idioteque!!!!!!!!!!! When the
band left the stage the second and third time, the
crowd was clapping and screaming and going insane, and
they were having fun by clapping with us... they left
the stage one by one, and at one point, Thom left last
and we all broke out screaming... he kind of turned
around and lifted his arms again... more screaming!
Then he'd turn again and raise his arms for more
screaming... to different parts of the crowds. He
loved it.
After the second encore some people started to leave
but we were still going nuts, and then they came back
for a third encore!!!!! MOTION PICTURE
SOUNDTRACK!!!!!!!!!! What a way to end the show! I was
so awestruck and so happy that they were playing it...
it was beautiful. Phenomenal. I'm running out of
words. But when Thom said " I will see you in the
next life," it completely blew me away. THis show
confirmed that Radiohead is the most incredible band
out there. I will never forget that show. I can
honestly say that I was never more moved and that was
the best night of my life. That show, under the night
sky, was the best thing that has ever happened to me.
THank you RADIOHEAD for the most amazing show I have
ever seen!!!!!!!!!! thank you for reading this! You
are very patient! :) I just wanted to share such an
incredible night!