Madison Square Garden, New York, USA

01. National Anthem
02. Morning Bell
03. My Iron Lung
04. Karma Police
05. Knives Out
06. Permenant Daylight
07. Climbing Up the Walls
08. No Suprises
09. Dollars & Cents
10. Packt like Sardines...
11. Fake Plastic Trees
12. I Might Be Wrong
13. Follow Me Around
14. Pyramid Song
15. Paranoid Android
16. Idioteque
17. Everything In Its Right Place
1st Encore
19. Optimistic
20. How to Disappear Completely...
2nd Encore
21. Talk Show Host
22. Street Spirit (Fade Out)
3rd and Final Encore
23. Exit Music (for a film)

Lucky-dedicated to Michael Stipe, Optimistic-dedicated to the protesters in Switzerland. Thom reminded those who where thinking of purchasing a new car, to consider electric cars instead, as they are just as capable although not in the interest of the major oil companies. [Thanks Marcella]

by Stefan Alberts

I was in the first row right on the railing directly in front of Jonny. I did a crazy, flailing sprint to get there, but Iım sure you all know it was worth it. Even though, MSG security hassled people all day, made us form a line that was four wide, made a big deal about it, and then they let everybody run for it. Minor details. Right when I got there behind all the equipment was Thom. I waved and he waved back. Which is nice, I like it when someone from the band greets me. Hardly anybody noticed he was there because of the massive amount of equipment on the stage. The Beta Band were really good. Kid Koala was fat as hell. He play Pull/Pulk and he was mixing up Fitter Happier. He did a great job scratching up some jazz record. Before he start playing, he introduced himself and said he was having the time of his life on this tour and that anybody who doesnıt like DJs should go get merch and heıd be done by the time they came back. Who doesnıt like a DJ? Maybe at a Black Crowes show. Radiohead came and went straight into The National Anthem in seconds. After that, I canıt remember much. It went by so fast. I do recall Ed making Johnny Rotten grimaces and snarls during My Iron Lung. Jonny did a angry, crazy guitar part with veins surging out of his neck during Fake Plastic Trees. The first time Thom sat down on the piano, he started playing and I recognized it as Follow Me Around and it was amazing. It was only the first verse and chorus, but it was great. Then he went straight into Pyramid Song. Packt Like Sardines was really good. It was a lot better live song then any of the MP3s led me to believe. Thom gritted his during the second chorus of "Iım a reasonable man, get off, get off, get off my case." Dollars and Cents really stood out. As well as, I Might Be Wrong, Paranoid Android, and Idioteque. Forget that, every song stood out. The whole band looked really happy throughout and they kept looking out at the crowd. Paraphrasing a Group Home lyric, "We were giving lots of love and they were giving it back." Thom gave the crowd this half sexual, half psychotic tongue wiggle during Everything. The show really became special for me when they played Optimistic. Which was amazing. During the second encore, Thom said they wrote "This next one" during the time of The Bends when they had to go around to radio stations and lick peopleıs assholes and they played Talk Show Host. Then Thom said when you see ghosts in the corner off the room, just think of this song and you can say Hey I know what that is and they played Street Spirit. They waved goodbye, again. They came out again and played Exit Music. When the rest of the band came into the song Jonny was playing guitar and pushing down keys on the keyboard with the top of his guitar. Towards the end of the song, a lot of fog was pouring out and it was as the show was exhaling. The band stood there smiling and staring out at the crowd. I think they would of kept playing if the didnıt have a show the next night. It was amazing.