Liberty State Park, New Jersey, USA

01 National Anthem
02 Morning Bell
03 Airbag
04 Karma Police
05 Knives Out
06 Exit Music
07 Packt Like Sardines
08 My Iron Lung
09 No Surprises
10 Dollars and Cents
11 Street Spirit (Fade Out)
12 I Might Be Wrong
13 Pyramid Song
14 Paranoid Android
15 Idioteque
16 Everything In Its Right Place
17 Like Spinning Plates
18 Lucky (one false start)
19 You And Whose Army?
20 How To Disappear Completely
21 True Love Waits
22 The Bends
23 The Tourist

[thanks to Matthew for the setlist]

-Kid Koala incorporated "Pulk/Pull Revolving Doors" and "Fitter Happier" into his set. Afterwards, as he was picking up his records, his sleeve for the Amnesiac was visible. -Kid Koala also joined the band and spun during "The National Anthem." It was pretty cool, even though I'm pretty sure a lot of people didn't notice (He was behind the organ...) -Right before Karma Police, Johnny looked a little confused as to what he was going to play. Thom said "The next song is Karma Police, Johnny. You play piano." It was pretty funny. -Right after "Pyramid Song," Thom said "That song is about a vortex," and then he pointed at the audience and said "Right???" Then, he commented about how he should have been a comedian. -As he was starting "Everything in it's Right Place," Thom sang the opening line to "The One I Love" by REM to give Johnny some fodder for screwing around on his Kaos Pad with. -There was a kid with a huge green sign that said "True Love Waits Please." The trouble with this being that it blocked the view of a large number of us. During the set, when he tried to hold it up, everyone screamed "PUT IT DOWN!" However, he picked the right time to do it during the first encore, because before the first encore, a roadie took Thom's acoustic guitar and brought out his Bends-guitar. Then, he came out a minute later with the acoustic guitar again and took back the Bends-guitar. Then, Thom came out alone, and I went ape shit. It was great. "Even though we haven't recorded this one it's freely available on bootleg. It's dedicated to the increasing size of the banners we get for it." [thanks Christopher]

by Pablo, Christine and Dave
WOW. Oh my god. WHAT JUST HAPPENED? Where am I? I can't begin to describe what just happened at Liberty State Park a few hours ago. No review, no article, not even "meeting people is easy" could prepare me for what I experienced today. (3 yards from the stage I might add) This had to have been their best concert ever from the energy coming from people tonight. I read in earlier reviews that there's was always that one sing along. Apparently, all of liberty state park knew the lyrics to almost every song because they all seemed to join me and my friends in a massive sing along concert. Im gonna stop here because nothing could prepare me for the concert, not even reviews, so odds are not even this will prepare you. All I can say is be prepared for one of the best nights of your life. Hopefully, tomorrow's show (the 17th) at the park will match what occurred earlier tonight. I can't imagine it getting any better. -Pablo, Christine, and Dave

by Milo

Oh my word what a show. I got there four hours early to already find a good size line of people waiting to be let into the show, luckily as soon as me and my three other companions were let in we ran to as close as we could get which was damn close. The openers were alrihgt, Beta Band played a really cool set while Kid Koala's was kind of boring. But thats just my opinion. When Radiohead came out everyone went crazy, and it stayed that way through the whole set. Some of the best songs they played were Exit Music, My Iron Lung, and Idioteque. They finished off with the tourist which was brilliant. I went expecting a great show, and i got even more. The complete setlist was (in no particular order): 1. The Bends 2. My Iron Lung 3. Street Spirit 4. Airbag 5. Paranoid Android 6. Exit Music 7. Karma Police 8. No Surprises 9. Lucky 10. The Tourist 11. Everything in its Right Place 12. The National Anthem 13. How To Disappear Completly 14. Idioteque 15. Morning Bell 16. Packt Like Sardines in a Crushd Tin Box 17. Pyramid Song 18. You and Whose Army 19. I Might Be Wrong 20. Knives Out 21. Dollars and Cents 22. Like Spinning Plates 23. An Unreleased Song everyone knew except me. I will go see them again anytime for any price. -milo

by Gissel
16-08-2001 Liberty State Park New Jersey USA Imagine what it's like to be able to play a song that you wrote and have thousands of people dancing and singing along.  This is what Thom, Phil, Johnny, Ed and Colin must have felt on stage.     We got to the park at around 5 and we managed to get lost.  We finally found the parking lot about an hour later. We piled out of the car and started to party.  When we felt it was time, we marched over to the gates.  The guy ripping the tickets ripped my stub up real bad and that pissed me off.  I shoved my semi-stub into my pocket and walked on.  We bought some t-shirts and food and waited for music.      Beta Band came on at like 8:15 and I don't really remember if they were good or not.  My friends all said they were pretty decent.  Kid Koala must have come on at around 8:45 - 9:00.  He mixed up some really good tunes. He spun some Pulk/Push Revolving Doors and some Monty Python music.  After a while, the crowd stared to get tired of him.  When he finished everyone moved to the front of the grass, closest to the stage.  For what seemed like an eternity, we waited.      Finally, at around 10 Radiohead took the stage.  They opened with an insanely distorted bass song (National Anthem).  Then they played Morning Bell (Kid A Version).  That was really killer.  After this, I can't remember what order the songs were, but I know that they played these: my iron lung, lucky, pyramid song, paranoid android, karma police, no surprises, the tourist, the bends, everything in its right place, packt like sardines, i might be wrong, exit music, idioteque, dollars & cents, knives out, street spirit (fade out), how to dissapear completely and probably a couple of others.      The whole time, you could just feel the energy coming from both the crowd and the band.  Thom had to start Lucky over and no one seemed to mind.  It was such an energetic and emotion filled performance.  The crowd was moving and singing along with thoms intoxicating voice.  on the big screens, thom played with the camera and the crowd enjoyed it.      Well anyway, im rambling.  I guess you really had to be there to even come close to knowing what its like.  It was a feeling.  It was a really really good feeling.     My only complaint is that the State Park Officials made us give them our beer.  That sucked.     THE QUOTE OF THE NIGHT:  "PHIL RULES"   Also, Thom wrote a new song that isnt recorded yet.  He played it and everyone was really moved.  That was cool.

by the Sheriff

Sick. Unreal. Twisted and sure. Highlight had to be My Iron Lung - so tight. It was nice to see the band so chill, fuckin' up a tune and starting it over with a shrug - sweet. Gotta send props to the videographer - trippy mix rife with depth and vision. The lighting designer lit it up - nice. Does anybody know who those people sitting on the scaffolding were? Could have been techs but I don't think so - looked like the ENHANCED VIP section, sitting in car seats on top of the band. Weird. Johnny had a sweet rip somewhere in the encore/2nd set - can't recall the tune but he was laughing, riding. Colin was solid. Ed backed the vocals right on and Phil played subtle but controlling beats. Thom's got the voice of a cynical angel - honest, bitter, pure. Sound at the Park was sick. I'd give my left nut to hear Lift tonight. I'd give my right nut to hear Vegetable. What can't you say? No surprises. Sheriff

by Jay Stol

After more than 12 hours of waiting I stood carelessly behind a black fence, 5 feetfrom where radiohead were allegedly going to play. The day had been long anddraining, but exciting and well worth the exertion. Around 3:00pm, with my backpushed up against a tree, the band drove by in their humble bus with ed'scontorted face and Jonny captive stare visible in the window. I was gratefulfor this reminder of their existence as I sat listening to the extensivesound check. The next excitement was the mad dash to the front row. Thousandsof people ran their hearts out, shoes dropping, blood spilling from knees onlyto find that no more than a couple hundred people would make the front section.I thank my legs for enabling me to succeed in securing my first row spot. By the time the band came on the hour was late, but well worth every star. Thebass line, sped up by colins typical excitement, pulsated through the 15,000bodies in the crowd. Jonny, focused on his transistor radio as if it were thefirst time he'd seen it, attracted my attention immediately. Every moment of uncomfortable waiting was forgotten, it was all worth it. After the start of an incredible set list the triangular spot light shined down on Thom as he delivered a flawless introduction to exit music, he sang as if no one was there, the fictional characters danced in his head as he moved to the music. As this point my friend and i brought out the first of three posters, a gigantic ED RULES sign. Unfortunately Ed gave a dim reaction, but he did look,it was worth the drawing time. I might be wrong is the next part that sticks out. Jonny's riff is godly and well complimented by the booming bass. His body jerked as he walked over between Ed and Thom, each of whom were in their ownworlds. As usual Everything in its right place was an electronic masterpiece,rightfully complicated, yet simply harmonic. After the first encore we held up the second sign which read THOM: Hard Rock Cafe after show? (we'll pay). Thom looked over scanned the sign, and the two of us, and let out a smile of a thousand words. It was majestic. The show went on, true love waits rang out over the water and I held my final sign which read THANKS with a little bear of my own creation next to it. I saw Jonny acknowledge the sign and once again I thought about how great this band is. They really care. I ripped of the bracelet on my right wrist, rolled it around the sign, and threw it on to the stage.Colin put down his bass, waved to the crowd, picked up my sign and walked offstage. I basked in the thought of him smiling backstage at the multi-colored character i drew, and headed once again into the traffic.

by Noah

Brilliant show. First time seeing them live -- was fantastic. Great
setting outside by the river, beautiful night for a show. The new stuff
sounded great, translated so well into live versions that were rawer and
more energetic than what's on Amnesiac and Kid A. Po Pad was fantastic,
just buzzing with energy and disortion. Everything In Its ... was much
different, a looser jam built around a great bass line -- Thom started
that one on organ by himself, singing lines from REM's "The One I
Love." I actually did notice Thom pulling a couple of Michael Stipe
hand gestures during his spastic little dances. I Might Be Wrong rocked
pretty hard too -- the new stuff had this great guitar rock energy meets
electronic distortion feel that came off incredibly well live. How to
Disappear Completely was gorgeous, I thought.

The whole show was great -- stuff from the Bends was tight and rocked
hard, though the choruses sounded a bit slow to me (not bad, just
slow). Lots of OK Computer material, including a false start on Lucky
after which Thom asked the crowd, "You're not in a hurry or anything,
right?" He mugged for the onstage cameras a lot while playing piano and
bantered with the crowd. They all seemed happy and really into it --
Colin especially, who bounced around and looks like the Fifth Beatle if
you ask me.

True Love Waits (Thom solo guitar and vocals) was beautiful ... All of
the slower stuff -- The Tourist, Exit Music, Street Spirit, Pyramid
Song, etc -- was so gorgeous outside in the park with the skyscrapers
visible across the river in Manhattan... The sound was really good for
an outdoor show, too -- And the video work was really nice ... Cool
cross-fades and effects from the multiple cameras without distracting
from the show

Kid Koala was terrible. Honestly, he just played a really lame set full
of really lame records that was sort of a buzzkill between Beta Band and
RH. Maybe it's just me, maybe other people liked hearing "Shout, shout,
let it all out," but I think the crowd grew tired of him quickly. Beta
Band seemed pretty good -- I don't know their stuff so well. A friend I
was with who loves them said it wasn't one of their better sets, but I
enjoyed it.

I do have to say that Thom's anti-capitalism rants about buying electric
cars and 5th Avenue greed and all rang a little hollow to me considering
that my ticket cost $62.50 (after Ticketmaster surcharges and the ferry
to get from NYC to the show) and T-shirts were $30-35. Nothing at all
having to do with the music or performance -- which was really just a
great, great show -- but put your money where your mouth is, you know?
If you really want to say something, Thom, pull a Fugazi and make all
tickets to the next tour 5 bucks a piece.

Still, a great show and a great evening ...