July 24th 2002, Coliseu dos Recreios de Lisboa, Lisbon, Portugal

01 There There
02 Punch Up At a Wedding
03 Myxomatosis
04 We suck young blood
05 Go to sleep
06 I will
07 Sit Down, Stand Up
08 I Might Be Wrong
09 Morning Bell
10 Just
11 Exit Music
12 Dollars and cents
13 The National Anthem
14 Lucky
15 Paranoid Android
16 Idioteque
17 Everything In Its Right Place

Encore #1
18 You and whose army
19 Talk Show Host
20 Where i end and you begin
21 Pyramid Song

Encore #2
22 Sail To The Moon
23 Karma Police

The third Radiohead show in Lisbon, Portugal was a little bit shorter than the previous two, but it seemed the band have played their best Portugese gig yet.

Myxomatosis featured Thom wearing a little keyboard guitar… and says before song “Don’t I look cool”… someone shouted out ‘Rolf Harris’ and Thom said “I don’t look like Rolf Harris” hehe

We suck young blood was introduced as “this next song is a horror song, we suck young blood!!!”

I will was introduced by saying “this is not by the Beatles”

The crowd did some flamenco hand clapping at the start of Morning bell, Thom was impressed and said “we should have had that when we recorded it

Thom sat down at organ to start Everything in its right place, started singing few lines, by himself before stating EIIRP, the Manics “if you tolerate this, your children will be next”, which was used for sampling in the rest of the song.

After everything in it's right place, Thom walked along the front row and shaked each persons hand – really shakin' hands/looking at each person in eye…

Another new song was played: 'where I end and you begin' [Jonny was on a moog, didn’t play guitar, Thom played black electric guitar.. cool new tune, little bit experimental, not very fast]

The crowd got wicked before the second encore, singing Ole Ole Ole before they came on stage. The band mimed kicking a football around stage to every member.

review by yaron:

I have to catch a train to Porto in less than 2 hours so I will do it quickly. last night gig was once again pretty good, but was a bit worse than the 1st 2 nights for me. This time I decided to stand on the stairs of the right side of the stage , pretty close to Jonny. I had a great view of the band except for phil who was behind the speakers. The sound was good, but I stood a bit too close to the speakers... The crowd was great again and the atmosphere was good too and the band was in a good mood too even though thom talked and joked with the crowd a bit less than the first 2 nights. Four Tet set getting a bit bitter than the 1st night. He changed and improved the set and it sounds quite better now. still i was too tired to enjoy it and almost fell asleep during his set. Radiohead came out at about 22:00. Again, started with a few new songs. I am really starting to like all the new songs... The also played one completely new song (at least i think so) which was really one of my favorites. "Just" was definitely the highlight of the show. IMHO, It came out better than My Iron Lung. Exit Music and Lucky were great too. So in the end , yet another great Radiohead show. I was a bit too tired to REALLY enjoy it and get into it , as it was my 3rd show in a row and I also havent slept at all the night before the show. oh well now i have 1 day to rest before the Porto gigs... Yaron

review by ben:

As I’m sure most of you are reading this to find out about the new songs and I don’t want to use much space this’ll be shorter than the last one as I’ll only focus on things different from then.

Once again opening with “There, there”, slightly better version than last night.
“Myxomatosis” was introduced as “Myxomatosis 2002” and Thom wore his lovely keyboard again. [Insert Thom looking like Rolf Harris gag]
“I Will” was played tonight and was quicker than I had thought. A very solid song but not really standing out from the others.
“Sit Down, Stand Up” seems to be becoming a bit of a favourite already with much of the crowd already knowing it (as was the case with “Myxomatosis 2002”).

They then did more old songs with “Just” being a highlight as I was right in front of Jonny again. “Dollars and Cents” was also played and was a good performance of a song I’ve never really fallen in love with.
For the first encore “You and whose army” was played and was again an especially good version. Once again the crowd were treated to “Talk Show Host” and then another new song. “Wher I end nd yu begin” (as it’s spelt on w.a.s.t.e t-shirts) is a fantastic electronic song. Sounding like a quieter, more laid back version of “Idioteque” it was, for me, the standout track.
When the band left the stage again the crowd began to roar with chants of “Ole, Ole, Ole” similar to the atmosphere at a football match. When the band returned they gestured that it was very loud and then tried to begin “Sail to the moon” only to be drowned out by the crowd. The band loved it pretending to play football; even the usually withdrawn Jonny joined in and waved at the crowd a few times. “Karma Police” was, unfortunately, the final song of the night and Thom didn’t even need to sing it. The crowd sang every word as they had with every other old song, only louder…especially “...this is what you get…when you mess with us!”

This set was not as good as last nights with the exceptions of “Just” and “Wher I end nd yu begin” but was still amazing and the atmosphere was a million times better than anything else you could ever imagine. I think when the tour was billed as “small and intimate gigs” they were mistaken, they got the hardcore fans they wanted, just thousands of them!