August 7th 2002, Palacio de Exposiciones y Congresos, Salamanca, Spain

01 There There
02 Scatterbrain
03 Up on the ladder
04 We suck young blood
05 2+2=5
06 Where I end and you begin
07 Sit Down, Stand Up
08 Just
09 I Might Be Wrong
10 The thief
11 You
12 Big ideas
13 Big boots
14 Exit music
15 Lucky
16 Punch up at a wedding
17 Fog
18 Pyramid Song
19 Paranoid Android
20 Idioteque
21 Everything In Its Right Place

Encore #1
22 The National Anthem
23 Knives Out
24 Talk show host
25 How to disappear

Encore #2
26 Sail to the moon
27 Karma Police

Third and last gig of three at Palacio de Exposiciones y Congresos in Salamanca, Spain. This was also the last gig of the tour through Portugal and Spain.

Apparently, the band decided to make their last show one to remember. After 'I might be wrong', the band played 5 audience requests: The Thief, You, Big Ideas, Big Boots, Exit Music & Lucky. Continuing with the regular set the band played 'Fog' as well.

27 songs. Amnesiac:3 Kid A: 4 OK Computer: 4 The Bends: 1 Pablo Honey: 1 Unreleased: 11 B Sides: 2 Cover versions: 1

Review by Andrew:

The last show of this very successful tour. Radiohead have a history of bringing out the surprises at last concerts. In 1995 an audience in Montreal was treated to an encore of India Rubber, Nobody Does It Better and Killer Cars. The last show of the 1998 tour, at New York's Radio City hall contained Bishop's Robes, The Trickster, Polyethylene and a then unreleased How To Disappear. But this was different. This was more of a party than a gig, and Radiohead came across more as a session band than serious art-rockers they're seen as. Of all Radiohead's shows down the years, this surely will go down in history as one of their most infamous. It started off normally alright, There There kicking things off with Scatterbrain following soon after. The crowd at this stage were buzzing, the new songs receiving receptions reserved normally for singles / big hits. Up On The Ladder was introduced as a song about "people who do anything to climb to the top of the ladder, and when they get there they think 'shit!!!". The opening suite of new songs passed without problems, the creepy We Suck Young Blood and the fast-paced 2+2=5 sounding especially remarkable. Then onto the older songs, Just being tonight's first. A cheer to lift the roof off, although the song was marred slightly by thom's guitar failing. And then I Might Be Wrong. After these two fairly regular songs, no human could have predicted what was to follow. Thom opened himself to suggestions as to what the setlist was to be. His microphone picked up responses such as Let Down, Creep and The Trickster. One American lady suggested "The Thief by Can". "Yeah, we can do that." remarked Thom. "OK, we'll butcher this one first". They didn't "butcher" it at all, in fact Thom sang with the sort of energy and applomb that suggested fatigue had not set in at all. Next was Radiohead's oldest song, way over ten years old. You rocked the venue to it's foundations. And Thom again went into the audience, this time the shout was for the two much sought-after unreleased tracks, Big Boots (Man O War) and Big Ideas (nude). "OK, we'll do Big Ideas...." the audience erupted. "then we'll do Big Boots". PANDEMONIUM. I personally was pinching myself, convinced that this was merely a dream and that I would soon awake in my hotel room. Big Ideas started and stopped quickly, Thom taking the blame for messing it up. He then started the song again on his own, allowing the other band members to join in as and when they wished. Big Boots followed. In between these songs, Phil was taking pictures of the crowd. And the crowd were taking pictures of him taking pictures of the crowd. Make sense? Big boots was immaculate, Jonny's lead guitar a major highlight, unfortunately where I stood it wasn't easy to hear. These two gems were dedicated to the "real hardcore fans, the officionados who have been to every gig on the tour. we really appreciate it". Exit Music and Lucky were the final two requests. After this, Thom announced that Radiohead were now "following the set menu". Punch Up At A wedding was fantastic, Thom then stayed at his piano for the B-side Fog. The closing combination of Pyramid Song, Paranoid Android (another false start), Idioteque and Everything In It's right place brought some sense of routine back into the show. First encore, National Anthem with that amazing bassline and Phil's drumming. Then knives out and Talk Show Host, though it was the B-side that picked up a greater reception than the hit single. How To Disappear closed encore 1. Encore 2 followed with Sail to the moon and Karma police, with the crowd singing (or more like shouting) along with this anthem. The band then left the stage, people screamed for an encore, and for a while we were optimistic, but the lights came up to signal the end of tonight's festivities. amazing. In the plaza mayor people were talking about what they had just seen. On Gran Via there was someone listening to a bootleg recording. I was constantly being stopped by people who had seen me bootlegging, desparate for the audio from that show. This, truly, had been Radiohead's red letter day. I can't express how amazing last night was.

review by david:
you could tell something was in the air last night, everyone expected something special from the band for being the last show and i don't think disappointed anyone..
after the first couple of usual new songs and just a "muchas gracias" from thom he proceeded to throw the lyric sheets for the new songs to the crowd, then hesaid 'up on the ladder' was about "people who are willing to do ANYTHING to get to the top and when they get there they think "SHIT!" and 'we suck young blood' was introduced as being "a song about
HoOOOOOLLYWOOD".. the only other remarkable thing about the newest stuff was that they changed 'where i end and you begin' significantly from the lisboa version i had heard, it was darker and a bit slower and i was surprised by how it sounded live, oh and i wasn't really impressed by '2+2=5' which i had never heard until then though..
and i must say this again: beware all of you downloading them! bootleg mp3's just don't do justice to most of the new songs at all..
then they started playing old material with 'just' and 'i might be wrong' which they finished with thom singin the usual "i think we should STOP!" and after a moment he turned to the mic and said "well i think we should stop now and... errr... take some requests" and started laughing..
he walked out to the first row and dangled his mic in front of several people, then picked one person who asked for 'let down', thom turned around and asked the band if they could do that (he really seemed willing to do it) and you could see the terror on their faces!, the techs were laughing their asses off and cheering for that but they decided not to do it in the end.. he walked towards the crowd again and got requests for 'creep' (not as many as i expected, to which he just said no with his head and grinned), more for 'let down', 'the trickster' and 'exit music' (he said "c'mon! that one's too easy" but played it anyway at the end of the requests bit)..
then finally someone asked for 'thief' by can and thom said it was an excellent choice and asked the others if they wanted to do it, they decided to "butcher that one first" and they did (sorry Andrew), thom forgot most of the lyrics and colin screwed up the bassline (he did it several times last night during some older songs too, i think purely out of excitement!), still it kicked so much ass..
then a lot of people starting to put up 'big ideas' signs and ed started pointing that out to thom while he also picked up a request for 'you'.. they started to discuss what they were playing and suddenly ed was ready to start 'nude' and thom told him "oh, sorrymate, we're doing 'you' first", someone yelled for 'big ideas' again and he said "hold on we'll be with you in a minute! you KNOW we were doing that tonight anyway" and smiled..
they totally messed it up too but it was lovely (thom forgot the lyrics again), ed started playing the intro and thom looked at him, signalling with his hand as ifto say "easy man!" so he laughed and slowed down thetempo without stopping it..
then there were some more signs asking for 'blowout', 'big ideas' and 'true love waits' when jonny ran up to thom and pointed to a sign that said "shot by both sides" they started laughing and thom said "oh i thought that was a fake!" and jonny seemed to tell him they actually played it once and he said "oh, really?"
and kept laughing..
after much indecision and onstage banter thom started playing the intro to 'big boots' and said "oh! 'big ideas' is the other one, right?, we're doing that first and then 'big boots' and we'll be with you in a minute, so it's the one that goes like this" and
started humming it for the others, it was hilarious!!!!! looked like they didn't even know their own songs from one another! LOL
the version had a false start, thom playing some amazing electric guitar arpegios and jonny on the fender rhodes (no hammond or glockenspiel), it was VERY different from every other version i've ever heard before, the outro guitar part from ed was also missing, he just played chords, overall it was jazzier..
then thom said "so this is the one that used to have a title, i can't remember now" so someone yelled "man-o-war" and he said "right and then it had another one, well it goes like this" and they played anawesome (though slowed down) version of 'big boots' with thom singing both the "what a nasty surprise" and"you're my man-o-war" parts each time!!!
it was clear they're definitely NOT working on these songs right now, they played them like they could do it in any possible way from trying out so many different arrangements (they were deciding what to play before each of them) and were definitely under-rehearsed compared to the newer songs, as thomsaid it was just for the people who had been following them throughout this tour ("off touring" he joked) asking for them as they were some old songs back from the 'ok computer' period that didn't fit back then and they never knew what to do with them to which the guy behind me suddenly screamed "FUCKIN BRING THEM BACK INTO THE MIX, FOOL!!!!!!" i just couldn't stoplaughing..

so, another mindblowing version of 'exit music' was the end of the requests (they considered playing a request for 'airbag' too instead and ditched it), i think they returned to the "setlist menu" as thom said later with 'lucky', then they did 'punch up at a wedding' and before playing the usual show ending he treated us to a solo 'fog' on piano and without saying a word he went straight into 'pyramid song', it was one of the highlights of the show for me.. before 'paranoid android' i think someone requested 'creep' really loud and thom grinned and said "no, this is an evil song called 'paranoid android'".. they didn't talk much during the encores, they seemed pretty overwhelmed, when they first came out some of the people who have been following the whole tour threw a bunch of fluffy frogs (sort of a local souvenir) onstage, they seemed really amused by that, thom put one on top of his amp and jonny put one on the radio transistor and they went straight into a longer and awesome version of 'the national anthem', the best i've ever seen them play live.. at the beginning of the second one thom told us they were doing 2 more songs before going off (everyone started booing) and that they were "playing a new song now called 'sail to the moon'", it was a haunting version.. then jonny sat at the piano, thom picked up his acoustic and you knew it was 'karma police' and goodbye, after a massive singalong they left the stage and thom just said "we'll see you later".. we were hoping for a third encore and people were screaming for 'true love waits', 'fake plastic trees' and 'creep' (even with the band already gone!) but the usual outro jazz music was played. it was over.. the band was SO comfortable onstage and amazed with the crowd's response it seemed like they would never leave last night, they were grinning, jumping and joking with each other, colin took a lot of pictures of the crowd and the band and phil filmed us with a handheld camera for a while (mainly during 'fog'), this was the best crowd of the 4 shows i've been to during this tour by far!!! i think i've never seen a show like this before where a band this big were trying to please the crowd more than they were trying to please themselves, it was rather unusual.. i still can't believe i was actually there and i got to enjoy it and share it with some of the people i love the most, i dunno if i wanna see radiohead (or any other band for that matter) live again after this.. i wish everyone could've been there.. cheers, david.

review by sofia:

About last night: I will not be able to be fair there isn't any alphabet capable of describing it, I guess that's why they call it music...
After a lot of traveling especially to the ppl that did the whole tour, after all the emotional and friendship bonds created, after sight-seeing, knowing places,
doing things, telling secrets, making promises and further plans... the last night was before us.
I took a glimpse before Radiohead came in the stage to see where all the Radioheadies (as Jason called us) were, like looking at my family before a goodbye or
a separation I took this mental picture to keep it in my mind forever and I was ready for the show... so I thought!
So as normal There there was the 1st song, Scattered brain, Wolf at the door, we suck young blood and as normal I might be wrong and then
he said STOP. Normality stopped!
"Let's do some requests"... from there on not necessarily accurate order or names or whatever cuz I'm not an accurate person but who cares... The Thief, you,
nude, Manowar, then back to punch up at a wedding, and the double bass for Pyramid song came in... But Thom just felt...Fog.
A lot of were saying thank you to which Thom simply said don't mentioned it...Well I have to mentioned it! Because not all bands respect their fans
like that, not all bands feel like sharing these intimate moments... so intimate that this security guy was being an ass, and I didn't think it was possible to see
Thom that angry going to the crowd and we were a feet away from him, but we all let him do the talking and the action no1 misbehaved! "Hey you chill out ok?!
This is not a big crowd so you don't have to be so strict!" he argued... and the memento continued.
Now we were at home!
Frogs started to rain on the stage on the 1st encore... Salamanca has a cathedral with all these images sculpted and there is a row were all skulls
are equal like a pattern but in one there is a frog... the whole wall has very complicated patterns which makes it hard to find the frog... so who finds the frog
without help asks for a wish that will come true (thanx David!)
.... that night we sent whishes to the stage.
.... that night everything made sense.
.... that night our hearts were tied in a knot.
.... that night we understood why.To all the people reading this that couldn't go, it's all that I can share with you, it's what the language allows me to explain... instead of solo tabs, mp3's, setlists....
This is the most important things I have to share with you... sorry!
To all the people I met... there is not one second regret, not one second of doubt... This community must continue... Hey have you heard
about the bus we're buying?? for the next tour??!....I hate to get all-emotional... but sometimes you can't pretend you don't feel it...

review by yaron

This was my 19th Radiohead show , and definitely the best one. and not only the best Radiohead show , but the best show ever. The show was fantastic with all the unreleased song that were played. There is no much point that I will describe the show. just check the setlist and see for yourself. And get yourself a bootleg too , and get ready to listen to the most amazing show ever.
I was in standing in the 1st row this time , just in front of Jonny. I was happy I made the decision to try and be on a front
row on that night. this made the show even more special for me. I had to flight with quite a lot of people and the security guy to get my place , but it was well worth it. I was so close to Jonny and not too far from Thom as well.
When Radiohead played ¨Just¨ as the first "old" song I knew it´s going to be a special song , but i still didn´t know how special it´s going to be. I was just hoping for 1 or 2 special songs in the encore , but i got much more than that. This show alone was worth all the money I spent (and I spent quite a lot to go to this tour...) and I even got 10 bonus shows.
So , I really had great time on this tour. I hope I can do it again , even though I am not sure. I will probably be working and