Makuhari Messe | Chiba (n. Tokyo)| Japan | 17-04-04

01 2+2=5
02 myxomatosis
03 where i end and you begin
04 lucky
05 just
06 the gloaming
07 sail to the moon
08 i might be wrong
09 go to sleep
10 you and whose army?
11 like spinning plates
12 climbing up the walls
13 national anthem
14 fake plastic trees
15 sit down. stand up
16 paranoid android
17 there there

Encore #1:
18 we suck young blood
19 karma police
20 idioteque
21 how to dissappear completely

Encore #2:
22 planet telex
23 everything in its right place

[thanks kid julian]

Review by Sasuke: This is the fifth times for me to see Radiohead's live performance. At the opening, Thom said "Konnichiwa" (Hello in Japanese). As always, their performance was pretty good and I enjoyed it very much on the songs from "Hail to the Thief" and on "Fake Plastic Trees" and "Planet Telex". But, their performance at the Summersonic in last year was, I think, much better than this time unfortunately, including the setlists. Especially, I missed very much "Scatterbrain" and "A wolf at the door"

Review by Bryan: radiohead played an amazing show back in august in chiba marine stadium, and I was afraid that the sound inside the vastness of makuhari messe (basically a concrete convention center used for trade shows) would be sub par compared to the outdoor venue they used last time around...the doors opened at 3, the show began at 5:15 with a solid 2+2=5. the setlist was well balanced and full of absolute winners (lucky, fake plastic, just, where I end, karma police, etc.) "fake plastic trees" was especially appreciated by the japanese crowd, and most of them seemed to get the words right to that one. other highlights include thom wincing at the camera perched on his piano and then laughing during "you and who's army" causing them to repeat a verse. the haunted demeanor and sampled japanese radio signal of "climbing up the walls" contorted into the intro for "national anthem" in what was easily my favorite part of the show. I would pay for a bootleg just so I could hear that again. had this been the first time that I saw radiohead live I'm sure that I would have left it completely mesmerized. surely they were very very good on saturday, but I have seen them perform better. I left feeling that the first night was an average radiohead show. that being said, it goes without saying that an average radiohead is still better than most anyone else at their very best. still, I felt very lucky to have a ticket for sundays show...

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