Madison Square Garden Theatre | New York, NY | USA | 13-06-06


01 You And Whose Army?
02 The National Anthem
03 2+2=5
04 15 Step
05 Morning Bell
06 Arpeggi
07 Videotape
08 Kid A
09 Fake Plastic Trees
10 Climbing Up The Walls
11 Nude
12 Bangers N Mash
13 Idioteque
14 There There
15 Street Spirit
16 Bodysnatchers
17 Lucky

Encore 1:
18 I Might Be Wrong
19 Down Is The New Up
20 The Bends
21 Everything in its right place
Encore 2:
22 House Of Cards
22 How To Disappear Completely

Radiohead are back in the United States to finish up the North American tour. They played their first show in New York at the Madison Square Garden Theater tonight. This is the first of two sold out gigs in New York City, where Edward Norton was spotted in the audience. The band kicked off at 21:10 hrs (EDT) with 'You And Whose Army'. 'Everything In Its Right Place' had a 'Silent Night' vocal intro. They finished off their 23 song set with 'How To Disappear Completely'.

Support by The Black Keys.

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Christian's phone videos: House of Cards | I Might Be Wrong | Idioteque (1) | Idioteque (2) | Street Spirit

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