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Bodysong review in Cleveland Scene

Cleveland Scene (Ohio, USA) reviewed Jonny Greenwood's Bodysong: "The U.K. documentary Bodysong is the visual equivalent of Radiohead's last few records: A Guardian review described the film as a "free-form collage of images" that "strive to evoke a poetry of the human body with ideas about birth, death, sex, violence, and dreams." Naturally, Jonny Greenwood -- Radiohead's lead guitarist and sound manipulator of its chaos theories -- scores Bodysong with instrumentals perfectly encapsulating its hodgepodge style. Alarmed squawks from saxophones and trumpets drive the fussy free jazz of "Splitter," short-circuiting electronic sparks and guest Colin Greenwood's bass blotches perforate the ominous "24 Hour Charleston," and "Bode Radio/Glass Light/Broken Hearts" jumps seamlessly from Enoesque synth ambiance to strings resembling a tragic silent-film score. With no lyrics distracting from the music, Bodysong resembles a purer form of Kid A in the way its sparse structures provoke intense visceral reactions. Like every successful score, Bodysong intrigues even outside of the theater." [thanks Alex]

[Posted by adriaan at 12:01 AM, February 28, 2004] e-mail this story

More stores with Bodysong 7"

There are some new stores added to the list of selected stores, which will have the Bodysong CD, with a free 7" single in the USA. Here are the new ones: Good Records, Dallas, TX; Manifest, Columbia, SC; Manifest, Charlotte, NC; Grimey's, Nashville, TN; Plan 9 (all locations)Williamsburg, VA, Charlottesville, VA (2), Harrisonburg, VA, Richmond, VA; Music Spot, Tampa, FL; CD Connection, Jacksonville, FL; School Kids (4 stores)Raleigh, NC, Cary, NC, Chapel Hill, NC, Athens, GA; CD CentralLexington,KY; Criminal Records, Atlanta, GA; Ear Xtacy Louisville, KY; Disc Exchange Knoxville, TN; Park Avenue (2 locations)Winter Park, FL, Orlando, FL; Vinyl Fever (2 locations)Tampa, FL, Tallahassee, FL.

For the entire list, click here.

[Posted by adriaan at 11:21 PM, February 27, 2004] e-mail this story

The 2004 Rock Rich List

Rollings Stone have published their the annual list of music's biggest moneymakers. This year, Radiohead are on the list at #49 with $10 million: "Despite a relatively low average-ticket price of thirty-seven dollars, Radiohead grossed $13 million on their U.S. tour and moved about 500,000 albums." [thanks Dick]

[Posted by adriaan at 10:35 AM, February 27, 2004] e-mail this story

Bodysong reviewed in Billboard

Jonny Greenwood's Bodysong got a review in Billboard: "While composing music to accompany the dialogue-free tour of the human experience that is the film "Bodysong," Radiohead's Jonny Greenwood made a decision. Since the images themselves did not repeat, why should any of the soundtrack? Indeed, there are no recurring themes to be found here. Rather, Greenwood (with assistance from the Emperor String Quartet on several cuts) indulges Radiohead's most experimental leanings on a series of concise pieces. Strings buzz behind a solemn melody on "Moon Trills," while gauzy processed tones conjure an ominous vibe on "Clockwork Tin Soldiers." Uppity percussion is the sole force at work on "Convergence," while electric bass battles a banjo on "24 Hour Charleston." "The Bends" this is not, but Radiohead fans will revel in an unvarnished peek at Greenwood's musical mind-set."

[Posted by adriaan at 10:29 AM, February 27, 2004] e-mail this story

West Wing: 'mindnumbing Radiohead show'

Last night on the 2/25 episode of TV series 'The West Wing', Radiohead got a mention. The White House deputy chief of Staff, Josh Lyman, had to spend a day in a military base-closing commission, and he said that it would be, "About as mindnumbing as a Radiohead concert." Quite interesting... or maybe not ;)

Short update [thanks Ethan]: The actor that plays Josh Lyman was in the third row right at Radiohead's Hollywood Bowl show last year and seemed to love the gig...CJ, Alison Janney, was there the 2nd night as well, dancing throughout the whole show....

[thanks Matt, Ryan, Strat2105 & Dylan]

[Posted by adriaan at 11:24 PM, February 26, 2004] e-mail this story

Message board down

Yep, it's that time of year again. Due to the large amount of users, posts and traffic on the atease mb, the board suffers from database errors. I'm trying to sort everything out to get the board back online asap. My apologies for the inconvenience.

[Posted by adriaan at 08:27 PM, February 25, 2004] e-mail this story

Iraq Coalition plays Creep!

There's a weird video available of George W. Bush performing 'Creep' Portugese! The band also features British PM Blair on guitar and Spanish president Aznar on drums. Don't believe me? Click!. Click here for the lyrics + a translation.

We've seen Moby doing it a million times; a rock band called Gov't Mule played their version of 'Creep' last night at the Capital Center for the Arts in Concord, New Hampshire. It turns the band are big Radiohead fans and it was actually the 33rd time they played 'Creep'. Gov't Mule played 'Lucky' on previous shows as well. More info and setlists at

[thanks Chunwoo, Ag8isbyrjun, Penny]

[Posted by adriaan at 03:43 PM, February 24, 2004] e-mail this story

Radiohead on MuchMoreMusic (Canada)

MuchMoreMusic in Canada will broadcast 'MMProfile: Radiohead', today at 8:00pm ET & tomorrow at 12 noon ET, featuring interview clips and videos spanning a body of work. [thanks Cristina]

[Posted by adriaan at 07:06 PM, February 23, 2004] e-mail this story

Thom: "Not doing a new album, we're out of contract"

Last night's interview with Virgin Radio was actually very very brief. It was a Q & A with Thom asking if he expected the two NME awards. Thom: "No, fuck no. Especially not the video one". Virgin Radio also asked Thom how work on the new album was going. Thom: "Not doing a new album. Because we're out of contract, so we go in our studio and make some stupid noises and then... You (Jonny) go in on Mondays. Phil's got Thursdays. Sometimes we share on Fridays. I'm in on Tuesday and Wednesdays." [thanks Rizla]

[Posted by adriaan at 12:10 AM, February 23, 2004] e-mail this story

Stephen Fry praises Thom Yorke

In an interview with the Daily Mirror, actor Stephen Fry said he was not too fond of Sting, but more of a Yorkesman. From the Mirror: Of course, there are a few people worthy of Fry's admiration but, sadly, singer Sting isn't one of them. "I always feel self-consciousness within him. Sure, he's got a nice voice but contrast him with Radiohead's Thom Yorke, who is a seriously impressive young man, and you sense his air of falseness even more keenly." [thanks 11 to 11]

[Posted by adriaan at 12:26 PM, February 22, 2004] e-mail this story

Radiohead in 'New Statesman' article

Radiohead are mentioned in a 'New Statesman' article on Curtis White's book 'The Middle Mind: why Americans don't think for themselves': The highway of despair. Oprah Winfrey and J K Rowling are the villains; Radiohead are the cultural revolutionaries. The latest howl of rage against capitalist culture and American mediocrity exemplifies the sentimental, self-indulgent non-thinking it sets out to attack.

Elsewhere in review: "With the public safely elided, it is a straight fight between capitalism and its stooges and cultural revolutionaries such as Radiohead. 'In these inspired moments of Mahlerian sweetness the band rises above the shit of our shared condition. (What else does Mahler try to do, in symphony after symphony, but dramatise this shared desire?)' Right, and Wagner is heavy metal. Radiohead, it should be said, are not with Rupert Murdoch. They are with EMI. 'We are obliged to create our art though international mega-corporations,' White imagines them explaining themselves, adding that maybe they are self-indulgent - 'But hey, some folks are.' A genuine radical would have paused to wonder whether being 'obliged' to pocket millions might make their sweetness part of the shit."

The Curtis White book has an entire chapter on Radiohead - mostly in defense of Kid A, and the artistic risks that the band took while making it. The full article will be published in 'New Statesman' on February 23rd [thanks Alex & Jonathan]

[Posted by adriaan at 01:02 AM, February 22, 2004] e-mail this story

Radiohead interview on Virgin Radio

Virgin Radio (UK) will broadcast an NME awards special on Saturday 21st (or actually Sunday) from 1am GMT. Virgin claims to have "all the backstage goss and atmos, a few exclusives too, plus interviews with the likes of the Libertines, Kings of Leon and Radiohead!" [thanks Cristina]

[Posted by adriaan at 12:22 AM, February 21, 2004] e-mail this story

Brad Mehldau covers 'Knives Out'

Last night (February 19th), the Brad Mehldau Trio were playing at the Jazz House in Copenhagen, Denmark. At the end of their third set played a first-time amazing version of 'Knives Out'. Brad Mehldau and his trio have already recorded cover versions for 'Exit Music', 'Paranoid Android' and on their forthcoming album, 'Anything Goes', Everything In It's Right Place.

[Posted by adriaan at 04:37 PM, February 20, 2004] e-mail this story

Pop's eating itself, say Radiohead

From the BBC: Radiohead have been moaning about the state of the music industry. They're particularly fed up with all the singing reality TV shows and how the contestants are groomed - saying they're trying to make them all 40 year-old stars like Annie Lennox.

Jonny and Thom really rate Alex Parks whose single 'Cry' is out this week, and say it's a shame she could only get a deal through appearing on 'Fame Academy': "She's got a ******* great voice and if this is the only way she can get out to people it's a shame because there's really something going on there and people will dismiss it because it's that."

"If that's the only way to get exposed now then there's something seriously wrong with the music industry."

"I'm against the safety of it all. The industry sort of eating itself whole seems to be depressingly pointless."

[Posted by adriaan at 03:18 PM, February 20, 2004] e-mail this story

New Zealand petition

Radiohead are finally touring Australia again, but they're skipping New Zealand. There's an article in New Zealand newspaper 'The Aucklander' on a petition trying to change the band's mind: "New Zealand Radiohead fans who are left feeling slighted by the band after the announcement that they will be doing shows in neighbouring Australia, are planning to create a petition to try and sway the English men to hop over the ditch and play a show in Auckland. The petitions creator says he wants at least five thousand signatures before sending it to Radiohead management, to do this he and some of his colleagues will be going to local universities and other landmarks around Auckland to gather support." [thanks Al]

[Posted by adriaan at 11:29 AM, February 20, 2004] e-mail this story

Bodysong 7" vinyl at selected stores

As reported earlier, the Bodysong CD, will be out with a free 7" single at selected stores on its release in the USA (February 24th). Here's a list of those stores:

Newbury - MA, NH, Bull Moose - ME, J&R - NYC, Gallery Of Sound - PA, Record & Tape Trader - MD, Tower Village - NYC, Other Music - NYC, Gramaphone - NY, New World - NY, Tower Carle Place - NY, Spaceboy - Philadelphia, Chester County Book & Music, West Chester - PA, CD Warehouse - DC, Revolution Records - DC, Sonic Boom - Seattle, Easy Street - Seattle, Music Millenium - Portland, Jackpot - Portland, Twist & Shout - Denver, Hoodlums - Phoenix, Dimple - Sacramento, Rasputin Records - San Francisco, Zia - Phoenix, Independent - Denver, Grey Whale - Salt Lake, Los Angeles - & Amoeba, Atomic - Milwaukee, WI, Luna - Indianapolis, IN, Vintage Vinyl - St. Louis, MO, Let It Be - Minneapolis, MN, Shake It - Cincinnati, OH, Gem City - Dayton, OH, My Generation - Cleveland, OH, Rockabilly - Shelby Township, MI, Electric Fetus - Minneapolis, Homers - Omaha/Lincoln, NE, Reckless - Chicago, IL, Evil Clown - Chicago, IL, Hi-If - Chicago, IL, Switched On CD - Novi, MI, B-Sides - Edinboro, PA.

The following stores have been added: Good Records, Dallas, TX; Manifest, Columbia, SC; Manifest, Charlotte, NC; Grimey's, Nashville, TN; Plan 9 (all locations)Williamsburg, VA, Charlottesville, VA (2), Harrisonburg, VA, Richmond, VA; Music Spot, Tampa, FL; CD Connection, Jacksonville, FL; School Kids (4 stores)Raleigh, NC, Cary, NC, Chapel Hill, NC, Athens, GA; CD CentralLexington,KY; Criminal Records, Atlanta, GA; Ear Xtacy Louisville, KY
Disc Exchange Knoxville, TN; Park Avenue (2 locations)Winter Park, FL, Orlando, FL; Vinyl Fever (2 locations)Tampa, FL, Tallahassee, FL

[Posted by adriaan at 09:40 AM, February 20, 2004] e-mail this story

Kashmir on Radiohead

Kashmir's Kasper Eistrup said in an interview with The Age: "It's unavoidable to be influenced by Radiohead. They are such an enormous inspiration to so many young musicians. I think they had a way of bringing thoughts back into rock music. They made it possible to do something like we have done.

"The funny thing is, when I hear some of Radiohead's stuff I think to myself there are some of these songs that we could have done ourselves. I am not trying to sound arrogant but we have been around for a long time."

[Posted by adriaan at 05:15 PM, February 19, 2004] e-mail this story

Brit Awards on Canadian TV

The 2004 Brit Awards are on CBC in Canada tonight [Thursday February 19th] at 7PM (local time). [thanks Cristina]

[Posted by adriaan at 10:20 AM, February 19, 2004] e-mail this story

Thom & Jonny interview in NME

There's an interview with Thom & Jonny in this week's NME:

Have you got a message for the NME readers?
T- Jonny?
J- What can I say? It’s nice for people to have patience with what we’re doing.

Its ten years since you last came to the awards, Thom
T- I know, we’re old. U2 were here I think last time. I had a video camera. I remember getting back home with the videotape and I’d just recorded this women’s breasts because it was on while I was talking to her. I showed it to my girlfriend, she wasn’t impressed.

Do you still remember saying the NME Awards were going to send shockwaves though the music industry?
T- Who said that?

You did. We have it on tape. Who would your God Like Genius be?
T- Whoever turns up! How about the Pixies? They’re reforming. We’re playing with them.
J- Steven Malkmus. I’ve been listening to him loads.

Who should win NME Awards next year?
T- I really like the Franz Ferdinand record. And I like the Liars. I think they could do it.

What have you been drinking?
T- Wine, but it’s awful!
J- We just did a really terrible thing. We just went out to get our own. We’re going to come back with a carrier bag full of booze.

Have you met any rock star pals today?
J- Most people we recognise, but we work out in Oxfordshire. We don’t really know anybody.
T- We’re not allowed to admit that we don’t know what the fuck you’re talking about. Ha Ha!

Anybody here you’d like to make a record with?
T- We’re kind of not collaborating at the moment. We’ve got this whole thing where we go into the studio on different days and do different things and we’re not comparing what we’re doing.

How did it feel to win album of the year?
J- We know we can try people’s patience and it’s nice to know that people still have patience.

Those Little Britain Boys were very affectionate to you.
T- Ha! He was going to do it. He was trying to give me a full-on smacker. I didn’t want one.

We’re sure the pictures will appear somewhere on the Internet.
T- I know.

[thanks mandy]

[Posted by adriaan at 10:17 AM, February 19, 2004] e-mail this story

The Darkness slam 'boring' Radiohead

The Darkness have slammed Radiohead - their main rivals at this year's Brit Awards - by calling them boring. Guitarist Dan Hawkins told Netzeitung that Radiohead couldn't hold up to the stage antics of his brother Justin.

He said: "Most of these modern bands are so unbearably serious they leave me cold. Radiohead are totally boring. "The world needs a showman like Justin who puts on his monkey outfit and entertains people. I haven't bought anything by these modern bands in a while. They're all wet rags."

Hawkins added: "Bands like Radiohead are great for our business, of course, because there's been a total Radiohead-isation of the British music scene. Coldplay, Turin Brakes, Starsailor - all of these groups have put together their selection from the Radiohead menu." [from ananova, thanks Dermot, Espen & Ivan]

[Posted by adriaan at 11:20 PM, February 18, 2004] e-mail this story

No Brit Awards for Radiohead

Radiohead were empty handed at this years Brit Awards. The band was nominated in the Best British Group category, but the prize went to The Darkness.

On a positive note, in the current Spin magazine (march 2004) Radiohead have been named Best Live Act in their readers poll. They were also runners up to The Strokes for Best Band. [thanks Rizla, Doug]

[Posted by adriaan at 08:38 PM, February 17, 2004] e-mail this story

Aussie w.a.s.t.e. tickets delayed

For those who were wondering when the tickets for the Australian shows, ordered from w.a.s.t.e., fall through your mailbox. You will get them a little bit later. W.a.s.te. has not received the tickets from the promoter yet and therefore it takes a while longer for them to send the tickets out. Be patient. You will get them in time. [thanks Stephen]

[Posted by adriaan at 12:49 PM, February 17, 2004] e-mail this story

Bodysong reviewed in New York Times

Jonny Greenwood's 'Bodysong' has been reviewed in the New York Times by Jon Pareles: "When Jonny Greenwood performs with Radiohead, he spends some time at his keyboards and guitar and some time on his hands and knees, working effects pedals to create the foreboding aura that envelops Radiohead's songs. His instrumental soundtrack for "Bodysong," a documentary about human life from conception to death, largely sets aside song forms for experiments in ambience.

Its tracks are like the protoplasm of Radiohead songs: a slow sequence of piano chords with hovering strings in "Moon Trills," spattered layers of percussion in "Convergence," glassy synthetic tinkling that turns into a somber march in "Clockwork Tin Soldiers," yearning melodies scored for string quartet in "Iron Swallow" and "Glass Light/Broken Hearts," and muscular jazz-quartet vamps in "Splitter" and "Milky Drops From Heaven."

Radiohead fans should be fascinated by the panorama of Mr. Greenwood's musical laboratory, and it is clear how much he contributes to Radiohead's haggard beauty. On its own Mr. Greenwood's music conjures disquiet, serenity, turbulence and glints of wonderment. The entire album can be heard online at" [thanks Alex & Mike]

Pre-order Bodysong.

[Posted by adriaan at 12:42 PM, February 17, 2004] e-mail this story

NME Awards also on C4

For those who have missed the broadcast of the NME Awards on MTV2 yesterday. You can see it again on UK television. Check 4Music on Channel 4, this Thursday at 12:10 AM. [thanks Marcus, Rizla]

[Posted by adriaan at 02:30 PM, February 16, 2004] e-mail this story

Vintage Radiohead session on 99x

Today at noon Atlanta, GA radiostation 99x is replaying the Live X acoustic performance of Radiohead from 1995. You can listen on their website at [thanks John]

[Posted by adriaan at 09:32 AM, February 15, 2004] e-mail this story

NME Awards on MTV2

Last Thursday's MTV Awards, where Radiohead picked up 2 awards for 'Hail to the Thief' & the 'There There' video, will be broadcast on MTV2 in the UK at 9pm.

[Posted by adriaan at 10:15 PM, February 14, 2004] e-mail this story

Radiohead win 2 NME Awards

Radiohead have won two awards at this years NME Awards last night. The band received an award for Best Video ('There There') and Best Album ('Hail to the Thief'). Jonny Greenwood & Thom Yorke were at the award ceremony to accept the awards last night. [thanks Cristina, Hugo, Mark, Craig, Stina]

[Posted by adriaan at 09:23 PM, February 13, 2004] e-mail this story

Globe theatre gig rumour - false!

It was mentioned in the British press yesterday (11th Feb), that Radiohead would be playing a show at the Globe theatre in London, in support of The Samaritans, who have a few benefit gigs lined up later in the year. According to Radiohead, this is unfortunately untrue as the people at the Globe got their wires crossed on hearing that Phil Selway had agreed to help organise the events or something like that.

[Posted by adriaan at 02:11 PM, February 12, 2004] e-mail this story

Here's one that got away...

Hail to the Thief is #4 on the Village Voice best of 2003 list. Also, on the singles list, There There was #39 and 2 + 2 = 5 was #61, both of these tied with other singles. Other tracks: #236 Sail to the Moon, #398 Creep (???), #398 Myxomatosis and Sit Down Stand Up on #398 [thanks Anne, Juliet]

[Posted by adriaan at 02:08 PM, February 12, 2004] e-mail this story

NME Awards tonight!

Radiohead are expected to sweep the board at tonight's NME music awards after picking up five nominations. The band are up for Best Single, Best Live Band, Best Video, Best UK Band and Best Album. So, let's hope for the best. Also, Paperbag Writer (There There b-side) is available on a free cd with this week's NME.

[Posted by adriaan at 02:04 PM, February 12, 2004] e-mail this story

Timbaland is into Radiohead

In the current New York Times Magazine Timbaland says: ''Eighties music is music to me,'' he said. ''Those are records that make you feel good, you know? I'm tired of stuff now, even stuff that I do. Coldplay and Radiohead are the illest groups to me. That's music. Norah Jones is music. I love real music that I can play and never get tired of. The stuff I don't get tired of is the stuff that's musical.'' [thanks Chuck]

[Posted by adriaan at 11:34 PM, February 11, 2004] e-mail this story

Just Bluegrass

Two days ago we were marching on the tunes of Paranoid Android, now there's Bluegrass trio, Nickel Creek, performing a version Radiohead's 'Just'. You can check it out at the Largo site, by clicking on Audio and then 'Nickel Creek - Just'. And if you don't like it you can have hours of fun making your own music with Largo's flashy menu;) [oh, thanks to Rick for the link]

[Posted by adriaan at 10:02 PM, February 10, 2004] e-mail this story

Radiohead win Grammy award

Nigel Godrich & Darrell Thorp have won a Grammy Award for Best Engineered, Non-Classical Album ('Hail to the Thief'). It was the only award Radiohead won, despite several nominations. [thanks Jed, Marsha, Daniela, Eran]

[Posted by adriaan at 10:34 AM, February 09, 2004] e-mail this story

March with Paranoid Android

The University Massachusetts pit percussion has composed a version of "Paranoid Android" on to mallet and other percussion instruments. You can hear a sound bit on their website (click on media). [thanks Alex]

[Posted by adriaan at 11:46 PM, February 08, 2004] e-mail this story

Jonny Greenwood interview with Billboard

There's an interview with Jonny Greenwood with Billboard's Jonathan Cohen: Most sidemen dream of the day when they can step into the spotlight. But not Radiohead guitarist Jonny Greenwood. "There doesn't seem to be a point in doing a bad indie album with me trying to sing on top," he says with a chuckle. "That would be terrible for everybody." Instead, for his first outing away from the British band, he chose to score indie documentary "Bodysong."

Out Feb. 24 on Capitol, the album pushes beyond Radiohead's most experimental leanings with moody electronica and string-laden instrumentals and only two tracks that feature guitar. For much of the score, Greenwood collaborated with the Emperor String Quartet.

Capitol opted not to promote the project as a solo album and will not sticker it in stores as a Radiohead tie-in. "It's important to understand that this is the score to a film, not a Jonny Greenwood solo album," VP of global marketing Rob Gordon says.

But the label is taking advantage of Greenwood's built-in fan base. "Since the album has been available since November as an import, we wanted to give fans a chance for something unique, and a limited number of seven-inch vinyl records with B-sides will be available at indie stores."

Capitol's Web site hosts a dedicated "Bodysong" page offering an e-card and screensaver, while is featuring the film's trailer. Label personnel have been out in full force "at Sundance, art-house theaters and concerts," Gordon says.

A deal is being finalized for the movie, which is directed by Simon Pummell and produced by Hot Property Films, to screen on college campuses and in theaters in April or May. The showings will lead up to Radiohead's lone 2004 U.S. concert appearance, May 1 at the Coachella Valley Music & Arts Festival in Indio, Calif.

To accompany the film's dialogue-free, rapid-fire visual tour of the human experience, which compiles archival images, Greenwood veered far from the conventional scoring path.

"A normal film tends to have two or three melodies repeated over and over," he says. "So one of the hardest parts was knowing you couldn't have the same themes or music coming back in after half an hour, because the whole idea of the film is that there is no repetition."

[Posted by adriaan at 11:09 AM, February 07, 2004] e-mail this story

Coachella Pre-sale

The Coachella 2004 presale begins on Saturday, February 7th at 10 AM and ends on Sunday, February 8th at 10 PM. You can purchase a 2-day pass for $140.00 plus $2 for charity plus applicable service charges. In addition, we are offering a camping presale for just $25.00 per person for 3 nights, plus applicable service charges. IMPORTANT: Single day tickets will not be offered during the presale.

Now, if you only had that five-letter-word password ;)

[Posted by adriaan at 11:00 AM, February 07, 2004] e-mail this story

Aussie tour single: 'A Punch up at a Wedding'

According to Radiohead will be releasing a limited edition tour single for 'A Punch Up At A Wedding'. The single will be out on April 19th. [thanks swolf]

[Posted by adriaan at 12:41 AM, February 07, 2004] e-mail this story

Win a signed 'Bodysong' vinyl!

Yes, a new competition. You can win a copy of the 'Bodysong' vinyl, signed by Jonny Greenwood. And there’s more: 5 'Bodysong' 7” singles, 7 copies of the radio promo single of ‘A Punchup at a Wedding’ & 10 Limited
lithographs from 'Hail To The Thief' with Radiohead slidepuzzles. Go to the competition page here. [pssst, there's a nice competition at cutw as well]

Jonny Greenwood’s Bodysong will be released in North America on February 24th on Capitol Records. You can pre-order at

[Posted by adriaan at 11:30 PM, February 06, 2004] e-mail this story

Pre-order Bodysong dvd at w.a.s.te.

You can pre-order the Bodysong dvd at w.a.s.t.e. right now. It will be sold for £17.50 which is a couple of quid less than it should be. It is only available in pal/euro format which is a bit of a bugger, but I believe that computer dvd drives can play both regions. The DVD is released on the 16th of feb so w.a.s.t.e. should be sending them out on that date.

DVD extras as follows:
a. Exclusive interview with Jonny Greenwood on the process of composing the score b. Full Bodysong website c. Interview with director Simon Pummell Short films by director Simon Pummell 1. How Long Is A Minute? - a one minute piece 2. Blinded by Light - 8 mins approx They are both in the same vein as Bodysong, using images of the human body in experimental ways.

[Posted by adriaan at 12:18 PM, February 05, 2004] e-mail this story

'WIEAYB' demo free with Aussie Rolling Stone yearbook

The Australian Rolling Stone magazine 2003 Yearbook includes a free cd with the demo version of 'Where I end and you begin'. The same track was released in September 2003 on an Oxfam cd by UK newspaper The Guardian. The tracklisting differs from that previous release, but other artists include: Coldplay, REM and the Chemical Brothers [thanks Kev]

[Posted by adriaan at 11:24 PM, February 04, 2004] e-mail this story

Jonny Greenwood in Bruges, Belgium

On March 6th Jonny Greenwood will be at the 'Concertgebouw' in Bruges [Belgium], together with the London Sinfonietta and Django Bates for an ode to saxaphone player Evan Parker, who turns 60 this year. The concert consists of 60 bars of music, written by 60 different friends of Parker. As to be performed at the FuseLeeds04 Festival.

Jonny Greenwood also wrote a piece for the Ondes Martenot. Greenwood, Bates and Parker will also bring new work from Markus Stockhasen and a version of Zappa's "Jazz from hell".

Go to for tickets. [thanks Dimitri]

[Posted by adriaan at 02:50 PM, February 03, 2004] e-mail this story

Coachella tickets at W.a.s.t.e. shop

W.a.s.t.e has secured some tickets for the Coachella Valley Music and Arts Festival, Indio CA on Saturday May 1st 2004. These tickets will be going onsale from the w.a.s.t.e ticket shop on Saturday 7th February. You can find the ticket shop via Click on the ticket shop link and you're there!

Tickets for Saturday are $76.00 (including a $1.00 donation to charity) Tickets for the weekend are $142.00 (including a $2.00 donation to charity). The general on-sale date is the 14th February 2004.

[Posted by adriaan at 08:44 AM, February 03, 2004] e-mail this story

New OK Computer laser light shows

The Roger B. Chaffee planetarium in Grand Rapids has OK computer laser light shows on Friday and Saturday nights at 10PM. They have revamped the light show from previous years. [thanks Tyler]

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Thief Is King of Think-Rock

A 'Hail to the Thief' review from Up & Coming Magazine: "Yes, Radiohead is probably the most socially aware "rock n' roll" band out there today. Yes, the title of the CD is a swipe at President Bush. Consisting of Thom Yorke, lead vocalist and frontman; Jonny Greenwood, guitar; Colin Greenwood, bass; Ed O'Brien, guitar; and Philip Selway, on drums, Radiohead's latest release makes reference to the (then, at the time of recording) impending invasion of Iraq - the band citing Bush as the Thief of Baghdad - as well as the 2000 election. To say that Radiohead is a politically motivated and socially conscious band is like saying The Beatles made a hit song or two." [read it in full]

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Rights of Radiohead footage at Montreux sold

According to The Times (January 30th), a little-known independent British music business has beaten the world’s main record companies in securing the rights to thousands of hours of footage of artists, including Radiohead, who have played at the Montreux Jazz Festival.

The festival has agreed to a multimillion-pound offer from Eagle Rock Entertainment, based in London, to market the footage for DVDs and television. Terry Shand, the executive chairman of Eagle Rock, said the company planned to spend “tens of millions of pounds” over the coming decade producing more than 100 DVDs of the concerts that have played at the festival over the past 37 years.

He added that reproductions of the concerts would be be made only when the company had secured agreements from the record companies behind the various artists. [thanks Alex]

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Radiohead on Subterranean (MTV2 UK)

MTV2 UK will broadcast Subterranean with Radiohead on Friday February 6th at 22:30. [thanks Suzie]

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