Radiohead – Who’s Who?

is a list of people who worked with Radiohead on all of their
albums, videos and tours. This list is far from complete, but
just a credit to the people who are not as often in the spotlights
as those other five. The other five are Radiohead and not mentioned
on this list. If anyone has additional info for this page, please

bailey, jon: studio assistant on ‘ok
‘ (1997)

baldwin, timm: mixer, drill

baxter, carol: international ambassador

binns, henry: programming (with sam hardaker) on meeting
in the aisle
(1997). remixed ‘climbing
up the walls
‘ (zero7 mix) with sam hardaker. rhythm sampling
on the national anthem
(kid a, 2000)

blair, chris: mastering and digital editing on pablo
, the bends,
ok computer &
kid a, @ abbey road

brown, chris: engineer on my iron lung, the trickster,
lewis, punchdrunk lovesick singalong & you never wash up
after yourself (my iron lung ep, 1994) mixing on ‘the bends’

burns, maurice: painting ‘craigavon under age drinkers
rule’ featured on the creep single (1992)

bush, andy: played trumpet on the national
, (kid a,

calland, julie: radiohead office

carlsson, magnus: director ‘Paranoid
‘ video (1997). Magnus Carlsson is the creator of
‘robin’ animation series. when radiohead made contact three
years ago, after they’ve seen Robin at a club in London, Magnus
told them to call him again when they had something concrete.
This they did a year ago and they really wanted him to make
a video. Magnus got free hands and he got to choose song from
the album. They suggested “Paranoid
” but they were willing to change their first single
release if he rather would take another song. His first choice
was “No Surprises”, but after listening to “Paranoid
” a couple of times he choose it instead. – That
song was actually my third choice, but it grew more and more.
Paranoid Android
has the style of a film and is based on three different elements
so it came out to be that song after all.

clark, dwight: director of the videos for ‘anyone can
play guitar’ and ‘pop is dead’.

: band photography, on my iron lung ep, the bends era
singles and various official photography. Danny Clinch on the
band: "Radiohead is one of my favorite bands to photograph.
They are just a great bunch of guys. They come across really
well in photographs. I enjoy photographing Thom, he’s a really
interesting looking guy who presents himself well to the camera.
We were photographing the whole band and we were in front of
this strip joint down on Church Street that has these big stars
painted on the wall.”

picture on the left by danny clinch:december 1994 new york,

cunningham, paul:
Director of the ‘High and Dry’ video,
the US Version. Paul Cunningham has directed videos for Stabbing
Westward and Live

day, corrine: director of the Creep video (MTV Version).

donwood, stanley (& white chocolate farm): fine
art on my iron lung ep, the bends, ok
and kid a.
webmaster of check out stanley’s website

edge, bryce: radiohead management @ courtyard

fila brazillia: remixed ‘climbing up the walls’

gee, grant: director of radiohead’s ‘no surprises’ video
and the documentary video ‘meeting people is easy’

gent, dilly: video commissioner.

glazer, jonathan: director of the ‘street spirit’ and
‘karma police’ videos. jonathan glazer also directed unkle’s
‘rabbit in your headlights’ as well as blur’s ‘universal’ and
jamiroquai’s ‘virtual insanity’

: engineer on my iron lung, the trickster, lewis, punchdrunk
lovesick singalong & you never wash up after yourself (my
iron lung ep, 1994). producer of permanent daylight (my iron
lung ep, 1994) engineer on the bends album (1995). co- produced
‘black star’. produced: ‘talk show host’ (street spirit b-side),
lucky (Help album) producer on ok
‘ (1997), ‘kid a’ (2000), ‘amnesiac’ (2001) &
‘hail to the thief’ (2003).

nigel on his first production (black star): “John Leckie
went off to a wedding or something, and we did a load of B-sides.
It was like the parents had gone away, and everybody had a really
good time. And one of them, ‘Black Star’, ended up on the album.”

When it comes to mixing, Godrich confesses that this is
not his favourite phase of a project. He said: “I feel like
I get too into it. I start fiddling with things and I fuck it
up. At the end of the day it’s okay, but I much prefer the recording.”
more on nigel here

greaves, tim: road crew, tour management

gullick, steve: photography on creep single (1992) and
various other photographs. steve gullick has done work for beck,
nirvana, flaming lips, mercury rev, bjork and air.

hamilton, andy: played tenor on the national anthem
(kid a, 2000)

hamilton, steve: played alto on the national anthem,
(kid a, 2000)

hammond, barry: engineer on ‘pop is dead (1993) &
‘india rubber’ (1995)

hardaker, sam: programming (with henry binns) on meeting
in the aisle (1997). remixed ‘climbing up the walls’ (zero7
mix) with henry binns.

harrison, stan: played baritone on the national anthem
(kid a, 2000)

hathaway, martin : played alto on the national anthem
(kid a, 2000)

hilton, simon: director of the unreleased ‘let down’

hufford, chris: producer and engineer of prove yourself,
stupid car, you, thinking about you (drill ep, 1992), i can’t
& lurgee (pablo honey, 1993). radiohead management @ courtyard

icon: design and art direction: drill ep (1992) , anyone
can play guitar (1993), pop is dead (1993)

jones, lisa bunny: paintings on pablo honey (1993) booklet
and anyone can play guitar.

kearsey, mike: played bass trombone on the national
anthem (kid a, 2000)

kerkman, liam: played trombone on the national anthem
(kid a, 2000)

kolderie, paul q.: producer, mixer and engineer, pablo
honey (1993) mixing on ‘the bends’ (1995). paul q. kolderie
produced, mixed and egineerd (mostly with sean slade) on records
of morphine, bosstones, echobelly, hole, lemonheads, pixies,
buffalo tom, juliana hatfield, the cure, belly, throwing muses,
kirstin hersh and tanya donnely. Sean Slade and Paul Q. Kolderie
are founders of the Fort Apache studio.

l.f.o.: remixed planet telex (1995)

: played cello on the bends (1995). Cellist Caroline
Lavelle collaborated with the Waterboys, June Tabor, Siouxsie
And The Banshees, Peter Gabriel and the Pogues. In 1994 she
took part in the Real World Records’ recording week, both with
her own string trio, Elektra, and as singer and cellist on ‘She
Moved Through The Fair’. She also became a fan of experimental
dance music after playing cello on a song by Massive Attack,
for whom she also sang and co-produced the track ‘Home Of The
Whale’. This was heard by producer William Orbit, who was then
brought in to work with her on her album ‘Spirit’. Lavelle wrote
much of the material, and arranged it too, while Orbit produced
the rhythm tracks and mixed the sessions.

leckie, john: producer and engineer – my iron lung,
the trickster, lewis, punchdrunk lovesick singalong & you
never wash up after yourself (my iron lung ep, 1994) and the
bends (1995) album except high and dry (co-engineer only). Record
producer John Leckie worked on solo albums by George Harrison,
Paul McCartney and John Lennon at Abbey Road studios at the
start of a career that has led him on to collaborations with
Posies, XTC, Pink Floyd, Ride, Elastica, Cast, Kula Shaker,
the Stone Roses and The Verve, among many others. John received
the Producer of the Year award at the Music Managers Forum in
2001 for his production of Muse’s "Origin of Symmetry".
Most recently John has produced two singles for Suede and has
just returned from LA, where he was producing the next album
by Latin superstars Los Lobos for Hollywood Records.

Veteran jazz trumpeter Humphrey Lyttleton has
taken part in a seven-hour recording session with Radiohead
for the ‘Amnesiac’ album. The legendary musician, aged 79, was
approached to help out the band in the studio when they became
“a bit stuck” and he has described the session, for experimental
track ‘Living In A Glass House’, as exhausting. Lyttleton said:
“When we finally got a take that sounded good to me, they said:
‘Good, we’ll go and have some food, then we’ll come back and
do some more’. I said: ‘not me’. It was a very heavy day.” Guitarist
Johnny Greenwood had written to the trumpeter saying: “It’s
probably an awful cheek and we’re sure you’re very busy, but
we’re a bit stuck.” After listening to ‘ok
‘, Lyttleton gathered a group of five musicians
to go into the studio with him. “People had said to me they
were all crazy”, he said. “But in face we had a good time. “[They]
went through a few nervous breakdowns during the course of it
all, just through trying to explain to us all what they wanted.”

lockheart, mark: played tenor on the national anthem
(kid a, 2000)

lubbock, john: conducted the orchestra of st. johns
on the national anthem (kid
, 2000)

massey, guy: assistent engineer on my iron lung, the
trickster, lewis, punchdrunk lovesick singalong & you never
wash up after yourself (my iron lung ep, 1994) and the bends

matthias, john: viola & violin on the bends (1995)

message, brian: radiohead management @ courtyard management

mould, david: director of the ‘high and dry’ video.
this was the first version (desert). David Mould has also directed
videos for Blur, Suede, Bomb the Bass, Oasis and James.

myatt, charlie: radiohead’s agent @ abs & itb

navarro, gerard: assistant engineer on ‘ok
‘ and kid

owen, rachel: rear cover art on pop is dead ep (1993)

plank: a man by the name of: “Plank” is their guitar
technician…he tours with radiohead…and he has been working
with the band since “the bends” came out. also, he has a large
involvement with the re-wiring of some of jon’s effects. and
the construction of some of jon’s guitars. he also made ed’s
red hollow body for him. ed calls is, “the plank”. he’s very
influential to the bands sound, and very significant.

plansker, jeff: director of the the ‘stop whispering’
video. Jeff Plansker has also directed videos for Urge Overkill,
Soundgarden and the Jayhawks.

powell, nigel: road crew

saunders, shelly: assistent engineer on my iron lung,
the trickster, lewis, punchdrunk lovesick singalong & you
never wash up after yourself (my iron lung ep, 1994) and the
bends (1995)

scard, chris: studio assistant on ‘ok

scott, jake: director of the ‘fake plastic trees’ video.
jake scott has directed many other music videos. here are a
few of the band: smashing pumpkins, live, u2, unkle, soundgarden,
rolling stones, tracy bonham, rem, kd lang….

sheehan, tom: photographs on pablo honey and various
official photography

sheldon, chris: remixed a us version of stop whispering.
chris sheldon has mixed and produced on various records including
the foo fighters, pixes, therapy?, idlewild, feeder and gun.

slade, sean: producer, mixer and engineer, pablo honey
(1993). mixing on ‘the bends’ (1995). seab slade produced, mixed
and egineerd (mostly with paul q. kolderie) on records of bosstones,
lush, tanya donnely, juliana hatfield, the 360’s, hole, morphine,
buffalo tom and throwing muses. Sean Slade and Paul Q. Kolderie
are founders of the Fort Apache studio.

st luce, caffy: press relations, media handling @ hall
or nothing. hall or nothing co-ordinates print media publicity
within the UK for the artists and events.

stewart, graeme: assistant engineer on ‘kid a’

swann, dianne: additional vocals on ‘how can you be
sure’ (1995)

tchock: credited for ‘kid a’ artwork & media blips,
but is actually thom

thraves, jamie: director of radiohead’s ‘just’ video.
jamie thraves has done videos for blind melon, blur, neneh cherry,
travis, the verve, mansun and mother earth.

turnbull, brett: director of the ‘creep’ and ‘my iron
lung’ videos

jim warrenwarren,
: road crew, recorded you
never wash up after yourself
(my iron lung ep, 1994), mixed
permanent daylight
(my iron lung ep, 1994) mixer and producer of ‘high
& dry
‘ (the bends, 1995), mixer on ‘the bends’ (1995).
Engineered all the demos for the album "The
". He continues to work extensively with Radiohead
in the studio and provide their live shows with the sound that
band and fans alike have come to expect.

Jim Warren also does Peter
‘s live sound and has produced and engineered albums
by Jocasta
and Pineforest
. Jim has produced the second Unbelievable
album and has also been working with new act Darling,
Gintare and Wock.
Most recently Jim has just produced a single for Damien

watson, andi: lighting, stage design

wozencroft, keith: radiohead a & r co-ordination