Radiohead – OK Computer

country: worldwide

format: CD, 2LP & MD

release: 16-06-1997


01 airbag

02 paranoid android

03 subterranean

homesick alien

04 exit music (for

a film)

05 let down

06 karma police

07 fitter happier

08 electioneering

09 climbing

up the walls

10 no surprises

11 lucky

12 the tourist

Produced by Nigel Godrich with Radiohead. Audio levels balanced by Nigel Godrich.

Audio recordings made using the Canned Applause? Mobile. Mastered by Chris ‘King Fader’ Blair at Abbey Road. Audio fixing and dubbing done at mayfair,

Abbey Road, air lyndhurst, courtyard and the church. Strings arranged by radiohead, conducted by nick ingman.

Pictures done by Stanely Donwood and the white chocolate farm.

Jonny Greenwood: “OK Computer was the title

of a song that’s not in the CD. It was a bad song but the

title was good. They’re just the first words you read when

you’ve got the CD in your hands. There is no intention to

define the meaning of twelve songs. A lot of people think

it’s about fear for computers, but on the contrary. It says

OK Computer!

We’re from the generation that grew up with computers. All

the artwork is done on a computer. Some tracks on the record

are completely made on the computer. Other songs are cut

on tape, but that’s a different story”.

Thom Yorke: “More than half of OK Computer

is about escapism. And i’m not ashamed. (…) You should

listen to the album more than five times to hear what the

album is all about. There are people who think that this

album is our commercial suicide. Because it’s not a pop-album.

But I think it’s full of poppy-melodies. There are no love-songs

on the album, because I’m not in love. To be honest, I’m

not good at writing lovesongs. If you want, “lucky”

can be a lovesong.”

country: worldwide

format: cassette

release: 16-06-1997


Country: Germany


Release: 1997


karma police single:

01 karma police

02 a reminder

03 melatonin 

Numbered Promo

Country: Canada

Format: CD

Release: 16-06-1997

Catalogue: DPRO 1542


Country: UK

Format: Tape

Release: 16-06-1997

UK promo only cassette album inside customised Jiffy bag


Country: US

Format: CD Card

Release: 16-06-1997

Catalogue: CDP 7243 8 5529

promotional cassette player sealed with casette album includes

song title stickers, with headphones

Country: US

Notes: Spin (1/98, p.86) – Ranked #2

on Spin’s list of the “Top 20 Albums Of The Year.”

Village Voice (2/24/98) – Ranked #2 in the Village Voice’s

1997 Pazz & Jop Critics’ Poll. Q Magazine (1/98, p.114)

– Included in Q Magazine’s “50 Best Albums of 1997.”

New Musical Express (12/20-27/97, pp.78-79) – Ranked #2

in NME’s 1997 Critics’ Poll. Melody Maker (12/20-27/97,

pp.66-67) – Ranked #2 on Melody Maker’s list of 1997’s “Albums

Of The Year.” Rolling Stone (7/10-24/97, pp. 117-118)

– 4 Stars (out of 5) – “…OK COMPUTER – a stunning

art-rock tour de force – will have you reeling back to their

debut, PABLO HONEY, for insight into the group’s dramatic

evolution…” Spin (8/97, pp.112-113) – 8 (out of 10)

– “…Unlike their majestic models U2, Radiohead take

on techno without switching instruments or employing trendy

producers….As with post-rockers Tortoise, Laika, and Seefeel,

Radiohead have a fuzzbox or two and obviously know how to

use ’em…” Melody Maker (6/14/97, p.49) – “…unlike

anything I’ve ever heard….I definitley know it isn’t good

for me, and I’m certain it says more about my life than

I’d like….in terms of composition and performance, it’s

very impressive. Radiohead have excelled themselves. They’ve

seen the future.” Entertainment Weekly (7/11/97, pp.65-66)

– “…Shrouded in wafting guitars, swoony rhythms,

and moody-blue strings, it shrugs off mosh-pit conventions

for a poignant delicacy and breadth, with Yorke’s cracked-throat

voice the album’s melancholy center….For all of Radiohead’s

growing pains…their aim–to take British pop to a heavenly

new level–is true…”

Nigel’s Kit List

MTA series 980 and

Soundcraft Spirit 24


Otari MTR 90II 2-inch

analogue multi-track

Tascam DA88 digital


Digidesign Pro-tools

Project 8 track

Studer A80 2-track

Panasonic SV3800 DAT

Neve 33609 Limiter

UREI 1176 compressors

Palmer Stereo speaker


Drawmer DS201

Noise Gate

Pultec PEQ1A valve EQ

AMS DMS1580 stereo

sampling delay

AMS RMX16 reverb

Yamaha SPX1000


Mutronics ‘Mutator’

envelope filter

EMT 140 Plate analogue


Macs running Cubase

Akai S3200 sampler

Emu and Roland sound


Mellotron and Moog

analogue keys

Movement analogue


Yamaha NS10m and

Acoustic Energy AE1