Radiohead Tour Dates • 1995

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February 1995

Acoustic shows with Thom & Jonny:

The gigs were in London, Sheffield, Leicester and in Scotland (Glasgow?). Entry to the 100 capacity shows were by invitation from WASTE.

At the Sheffield show, Thom and Jonny didn’t perform, because of Thom’s sore throat, so the whole night was an album playback with free bar. Everyone got plastered, including Pulp’s Jarvis cocker, who lived in Sheffield at the time.

Thom’s throat had recovered by the time they got to Leicester, enough to play a 30 minute set. The invite is green and double sided with the March ‘The Bends’ UK tour dates on one side, and a picture by Thom on the other), They played ‘My Iron Lung’, ‘Banana Co’, ‘Nice Dream’, ‘Lozenge of love’, ‘High & Dry’, ‘Street Spirit’, ‘Fake Plastic Trees’ ‘Bulletproof’ and ‘You’. Maybe some others. Their UK press officer was also giving out free Tshirts. They were white, with Radiohead – Plug me in, I’m your best friend’, on the front, and the dates on the back.

14-02-1995    UK

[acoustic show Thom & Jonny]

15-02-1995    UK

[acoustic show Thom & Jonny]

16-02-1995    UK

[acoustic show Thom & Jonny]

17-02-1995    UK

[acoustic show Thom & Jonny]

27-02-1995    Bullet Sound Studio,
Nederhorst den Berg, Netherlands

2 meter sessions: anyone can play guitar/bones/street spirit/my
iron lung/fake plastic trees


09-03-1995    The Bends Tour

uk tour

16-03-1995    Aston Villa Leisure
Centre, UK

Check out a review with some nice pictures of this show at Sean
McManus’ Website:

24-03-1995    Kentish Town Forum,
[end of the bends tour]

the bends/just/anyone can play guitar/bones/high & dry/black
star/banana co/prove yourself/fake plastic trees/planet telex/ripcord/creep/my
iron lung/you/bulletproof/street spirit/stop whispering/lozenge
of love

29-03-1995    Toronto, Canada

Acoustic set: street spirit/bulletproof/fake plastic trees


04-04-1995    Santa Monica, USA

street spirit/subterranean homesick alien/bulletproof/interview

19-04-1995    Sound City, Bristol, UK
the bends/just/anyone can play guitar/bones/high & dry/street
spirit/fake plastic trees/planet telex/my iron lung

21-04-1995    Villa 65 Session, Netherlands

Acoustic set: street spirit/subterranean homesick alien/fake plastic trees


02-05-1995    Planet Rock Sessions, Rome, Italy

setlist: the bends/just/anyone can play guitar/bones/high and
dry/street spirit/vegetable/fake plastic trees/you/prove yourself/ripcord/planet
telex/bullet proof/creep/my iron lung/stop whispering


03-06-1995    Johnny Walker Sessions, UK

black star/street spirit/subterranean homesick alien

06-06-1995    RPM, Toronto, Canada

the bends/just/bones/high & dry/street spirit/black star/prove yourself/vegetable/fake plastic trees/planet telex/creep/my iron lung/bulletproof/stop whispering

review by JAMIE KASTNER (Toronto Sun) Ever wish pop music were dead?  Some groups’ shortcomings make you crave pop’s funeral; Radiohead welcome it by their very accomplishments. Tuesday night, the Oxford guitar-weighted quintet who gave the world Pablo Honey and more recently The Bends took RPM surfing on a select late-night radio dial.
A careful hand was kept on the volume knob, as they drove a couple of clever, if basic, song structures through a medium range of dynamics. Three guitars and a bass would weave around and about Thom Yorke’s vocal moans and pouts. In turn, measures of the meaningful-sounding, the world-weary sounding, the ironic-sounding, the angry-sounding, were drizzled, often within the same song, over the denominator of drummer Phil Selway’s deliberate ‘hat tips and snare shots. Thus the dial flipped from folk to punk, ’60s to ’80s, Beatles to Talk Talk, never perching for more than a few bars on each. They basically had two song templates. The first began with quiet folk-type chords strummed on electric or acoustic. Then it broke into distortion and heavy drums, and then pulled back to a bass drum and vocal vibe reminiscent of dub reggae. The second type was pretty much the same except the cycle started at a loud electric part. Live versions of songs like The Bends and High And Dry didn’t vary greatly from their arrangement on disc.
But the addition of a visual element of bouncing bodies to sounds that otherwise might drown you in ambience made a compelling contrast. Although their tour around the pop dial was deftly conducted, the band deliberately never remained on one station. This sense of dabbling was reflected in their calculated look and stage presence. Frontman Yorke had assumed a retro New Wave visual stance: jerked open shirt, sideways-flung tie, spiked hair. When not clasping the microphone or doing neck rolls while strumming his guitar, he bopped around the stage as though it were a grid of hotplates – carefully off-the-wall, never in danger of getting burned. All
this was fine and mildly diverting, but the question raised in the first line of The Bends – “Where do we go from here?” – was never answered. Rather, Radiohead’s bleak pastiche of dying styles was the best argument for their extinction.

Palace Theatre, Hollywood, USA

the bends/just/anyone can play guitar/high & dry/planet telex/fake plastic trees/my iron lung/creep/stop whispering

Xanadu, Sapporo, Japan

my iron lung/bones/just/black star/you/the bends/street spirit/high & dry/nice dream/killer cars/anyone can play guitar/fake plastic
trees/planet telex/faithless, the wonderboy/how can you be sure/stop whispering


15-07-1995, Nile’s Theater, Mesa, Arizona, USA

National Bowl, Milton Keynes, UK

my iron lung/bones/anyone can play guitar/high & dry/fake plastic trees/planet telex/just/the bends

August 1995


A Campingflight to Lowlands Paradise, Netherlands

01 My Iron Lung
02 Bones
03 Just
04 (Nice Dream)
05 Creep
06 Street Spirit (Fade Out)
07 High and Dry
08 You
09 Anyone Can Play Guitar
10 Lucky
11 Fake Plastic Trees
12 The Bends


Memorial Auditorium, Buffalo, USA

bones/just/high & dry/creep/anyone can play guitar/fake plastic trees/lucky/street spirit/my iron lung


Meadows Amphitheater, Hartford, USA

setlist: bones/high and dry/lucky/creep/fake plastic trees/the bends/just/nobody does it better


Brixton Academy, London, UK

setlist: street spirit/bones/just/bullet proof/high and dry/black star/stop whispering/creep/man-o-war/planet telex/prove yourself/my
iron lung/anyone can play guitar/blow out/fake plastic trees/subterranean homesick alien/lucky/nice dream/you/the bends/nobody does it better

Rock City, Nottingham, UK

fake plastic trees/blow out/bones/nice dream/high & dry/my iron lung


Gino, Stockholm, Sweden

bones/high&dry/lucky/creep/bishop’s robes/you/fake plastic trees/just/street spirit/black star/nice dream/stop whispering

Paradiso, Amsterdam, Netherlands

the bends/bones/bullet proof/my iron lung/lucky/creep/bishops robes/high & dry/planet telex/inside myhead/just/fake plastic
trees/no surprises (acoustic)/you/black star/nice dream/stop whispering

05-12-1995 Luna, Brussels, Belgium

bends * bones * bullet proof * my iron lung * prove yourself *
street spirit * lucky * creep * nice dream * high & dry *
planet telex * anyone can play guitar * just * blow out * fake
plastic trees * true love waits * you * banana co * nobody does
it better * inside my head

Universal Amphitheatre, Los Angeles, USA
[KROQ Almost Acoustic

setlist: bones * just * fake plastic trees * nobody does it better * creep

18-12-1995    Universal Amphitheatre,
Los Angeles, USA
[KROQ Almost Acoustic Christmas]

Amsterdam, Netherlands

creep * street spirit * high and dry * fake plastic trees